Friday, December 12, 2008

Something to say about Arby's

Ben, This is how I knew their logo was a hat - back in the olden days the restraunts made it more obvious.

Arby's has a new commercial that ... can take you by surprise. Anyway, I know that graduating with an emphasis in marketing doesn't make me a master at it by any means but I have a feeling the Arby's commercial is going to have a bigger affect on their "hat" logo in the long run then they are anticipating.

If I was them, I would have played the commercial once during the super bowl given everyone a good laugh and then moved on with another marketing plan.

Anyway, guess we'll see what happens now.


christy said...

the arby's in orem has that sign still or they did when i went to byu. i've seen the commercial plenty of times and it makes me feel a bit awkward. funny though i guess and memorable but it doesn't make me wanna eat there. of course i do that already anyway.

Brooke Jean said...

Yeah. Ben just hasn't been exposed to Arby's much. He has never eaten at an Arby's.

When I told him it was a hat he told me he'd thought their logo was a fish or something.

Brian Hanks said...

Excellent point about that commerical. It will get some attention, but how many people are going to change their buying habits based on that "reminder". Plus, now every arby's sign I see reminds me of a . . . long, tall sign.