Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Christmas Time!

I was gonna write a blog about how our bus broke down this morning and I got to enjoy fresh air and being outdoors. BUT I realized it probably wasn't a very interesting story to anyone but myself. So I have decided to let you all know that I am officially VERY excited for Christmas. This is the first time in a very long time I have actually been able to enjoy the holiday season instead of focusing completely on papers, assignments and upcoming finals.

It's so much easier to enjoy Christmas when you don't have school in the way. I always felt like it wasn't the Christmas season until school was over and then, by the time school was over, I had a whole 4 or 5 days to get into the Christmas spirit before Christmas day was here. Plus this year we only have 2 more Christmas presents to buy and all our shopping will be done. That alone makes for a stress free holiday season and lots of fun.

I think that I am enjoying it a lot more than Ben because Ben seems to have this idea that you can't have fun traditions and read fun Christmas stories until you have kids. Nevertheless, I have gotten him to sit down in our living room every night and turn on our fireplace DVD (because we obviously don't have a real fireplace and it just adds to the whole Christmas spirit thing) on the TV and read a story out of my Christmas Stories book.

The stories are cute and fun and remind us what Christmas is all about but mostly it's just nice to do something that can be done every year and can hopefully be a tradition in our family for a very long time.


Samantha said...

See that's a perfect Christmas tradition! I feel like I don't really have any traditions and I want to implement some. What book is it?

christy said...

fun! we are all big kids at heart so no need to wait. let the inner kid out and enjoy the Christmas season to it's fullest! i know i get just as excited as the kids.

Brooke Jean said...

Samantha, I don't actually know where I got the stories from but I just put the book together one day when I was bored. It was last year just after Christmas. I just put all the papers in sheet protectors and stuck them in a 3 ring binder. My next project is to make the binder all Christmas-ey.