Monday, February 23, 2015

Brothers are awesome ... or terrible

Brothers are awesome ... or terrible. It just depends which child you are.

Dragon has some awesome persuasion skills but I don't think they're quite good enough to convince his brother ... yet.

Although, honestly, if Colt hadn't seen me he probably would have let this go on for a lot longer!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gummy Smile

Colt's cute little gummy smile is about to disappear. The ork smile is still pretty cute but it's hard to say goodbye to my baby's smile as I know it!

I'm pretty sure his two bottom teeth were working their way in for 2 months but they have finally appeared and Colt is mostly back to his happy self. Of course, now his top teeth are coming in. In fact, one has broken through and the other I can see so it will probably be in within the next week or two. Here's hoping the rest of the teeth come in relatively pain free! ... hahah. Yeah right.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy {late} Valentine's Day!

We had a fun little Valentine's Day Playdate over at our house because Dragon picked out some Valentines but we didn't really have a good way to give them too his friends. As a result, the mini-valentine's party was created.

I went and grabbed a few things for some valentine's crafts and everyone brought some treats/snacks and the moms all chatted while the kids played with toys and did their crafts.

It was a very last minute party but I thought it was perfect!

Dragon sat and did his craft for a good 15 minutes so I need to remember to pull it out again sometime when I want to him to just be still.

His friends could color a Valentine's bag or put beads on pipe cleaners or make a necklace.

While the older kids were playing with toys, running around like crazy people, or crafting, their younger siblings were hanging out on the floor--the center of attention.

This is not my best picture but I love the face Dragon is making. That is definitely his "I'm scheming!" face.

I didn't actually take any pictures on the actual day of Valentine's but we spent the morning at the park with friends while we waited for Ben to get home from his camp out with the young men.

While at the park, one of my friends--an angel--offered to take the boys that evening so we could go out since her husband was working all day. We obviously accepted the offer and made VERY last minute reservations.

We ended up with a reservation at 4:15 which was actually perfect since neither Ben or myself ate lunch.

It was kind of fun going out to eat sans kids. The last time we went out just the two of us to a restaurant was just before Colt was born!

Unfortunately, Colt's sleep schedule was off so he was sleepy and grumpy the entire time he was at our friends' house.  I felt so bad!

On a better note, dinner was great! P.F. Chang's is always a favorite but, in the last year and a half since I've been, they changed the presentation of their Great Wall of Chocolate. The sauce that I love that goes on it was reduced to a few mere dollops on the plate. I guess they didn't want it going to waste...

Also, I ventured out of my comfort zone and got something new, which I never do. It wasn't bad but it wasn't as good as my normal entre so I was a little bummed. Oh well, next time I'll know that I should just stick with what I love!

It was certainly nice to go out to eat with Ben sans kids and spend the time talking about ... our kids! ;) Just kidding.

We talked about all sorts of things and not once did I have to give someone a stern look or bribe, or threaten or say anything about getting out from under the table. It was certainly a good Valentine's Day in my book!

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day too! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

DragonView: Life from Dragon's perspective

I know I was a child once but it's hard to really remember my childhood perspectives. Every once in awhile Dragon gets a hold of my camera and I get a glimpse as to what life is like as him.

In way too many pictures here it is:

I'm sure there are lots more where those came from and there will be plenty more in our future but that concludes this installment of DragonView. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Uncle Jay and Aunt Leslie come for a visit!

Q: What do you get when you have an aunt and uncle come into town and you take a trip out to see Bunka and Maama? 

A: A LOT of fun and even more pictures!

Colt is becoming a ferry riding pro. Can you get a sense of his ever growing personality through these pictures? 

That bottom one is a definite favorite around here. He looks like he's ready to get into all sorts of trouble!

After we got off the ferry we were starving and stopped at the first place we saw. Luckily, the first place we saw was also REALLY good. Honestly, we were a little worried we'd all leave with food poisoning before we went in and realized it was a pretty respectable place! The outside (and the name) is just a wee bit sketchy looking!

Next time you're passing through Kingston, be sure to grab a bite at The Grub Hut!

We got there Friday evening with just enough sunlight left to jump on the golf carts/4-wheelers and head down to the lake.

I'm glad Leslie sent us some pictures. They captured some of my favorite moments. 

For example, three generations at the boat house by the lake: 

And Uncle Jay and Grandma holding Colt:

Family outing on the boat: 

And another one of Colt and Uncle Jay that I  absolutely love:

Something about stealing people's things and running away is a favorite of our Dragon's. Here he is with his prize:

Saturday morning the rain was pouring down but we didn't let that keep us from having fun. In fact, we went out and played 18 holes of Frisbee golf.

Dragon was more than happy to head back to the house when we were done but I noticed that, after watching 18 holes, when we got home he had figured out how to throw a Frisbee like a pro. 

Colt spent most of the course cuddled up to me sleeping. I think I deserved some sort of handicap for playing 18 holes of Frisbee golf with a really cute leech attached to my stomach.

Post-nap haze:

Every night we'd get the kids put in bed and pull out a game or two. Ben convinced Jay and Leslie to play Eclipse with him. ... It's a fun game that's kind of like Risk but it takes FOREVER. This is our post game picture ... at 2am. I think I look like I'm about to pass out at any moment.

On Sunday we were able to go to Tim and Fran's marriage class at church. After a night of competitive gaming against my husband, I needed it! ;)

Sunday was full of yummy food, naps, and cute little boys. 

Monday morning was beautiful and only partially overcast. Perfect weather for oystering ... or whatever the term is for going out and finding oysters.

Being the great  parents that we are, we forgot Dragon's rainboots back at camp so we tried to get him to stay on dry land. As you can tell, that lasted about 2 entire minutes before he followed Daddy out into the water when my back was turned.

 Eventually Jay and Ben gave up on only going in the water as far as their boots would allow and they treked out into the frigid Hood Canal while Tim stayed back on shore--dry--and worked on shelling our treasure.


I thought it was easiest to summon my inner seagull and throw the oysters onto the rocks over and over. Here I am instructing Ben on how to be one with the seagull to get that oyster out of its shell. 

 Once we finally decided we'd gotten enough (really, it was once Ben and Jay were completely frozen through), we headed back to the parking lot to capture a group picture.

As you can see, Dragon is pants-less (he hung out in the car with Grandma for quite awhile during our hunting and gathering). Also, Jays pants are not some faded ombre fashion statement. That's how far out he made it before needing to turn back.

Before Ben could get back in the car, he had to empty out his boots... 

When we made it back to camp, Fran made our oyster haul into a delicious oyster stew. And then she saved one for herself:

Shortly after devouring lunch we had to say goodbye to the red house in the woods...

and then we had to say goodbye to Uncle Jay and Aunt Leslie at the airport where Dragon insisted that he needed to go on the airplane too.

It was most definitely a fun weekend. One we'd be happy to do again should anyone decide they want to come for a visit as well. Thanks Jay and Leslie for all the adventures. Including the Sushi outing! Bet there aren't many people who have actually eaten geoduck!