Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Helping those in need

The Young Single Adult ward in our stake was doing a Toy Drive with food, Santa and other little games and crafts for the kids. We let Dragon know that we were going to be heading to the store to pick out a toy for kids that don't have lots of toys like he does. He immediately responded with, "No! My toys!"

Let's just say the idea never did sink in. Never have I seen such a sad kid. He was just screaming over and over again, "My Amboolance!" "My Amboolance!"

I guess that maybe he was a wee bit too young to learn the lesson about giving to those in need. Oh well, we got some cute Santa photos in before he really lost it.

"Santa Claus and Mommy Santa Claus" 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Country Village Tree Lighting and Santa's Arrival

Day 6 of our Advent Calender took us to the fun little cluster of stores in Bothell called Country Village. They do an annual tree lighting and Santa arrival. They also had complimentary chestnuts roasted on an open fire (aka a BBQ grill).

Daddy is definitely Dragon's favorite person in the entire world. When he gets to stay home from work it's a party around here and whenever Ben has to leave for work, it's the saddest thing that ever happened.

A rare picture of Colt and Daddy since it's usually Dragon who is in his arms.

I love how he almost always, and without trying, has a pleasant look on his face. He is definitely a content little guy. 

As you can see, Dragon was not amused by the idea of taking a picture with mommy. ... But at least he had a yummy candy cane.

Santa rode in on a sleigh pulled by lit up reindeer. It was exciting stuff!

And then he counted down the lighting of the tree. 

And one more, just because I think he's so stinking cute in his little marshmallow suit.

See that smile he gives when he's in his Daddy's arms!? No way, he'd be cracking a smile if I was the one holding him. Such a pesky little guy!

And then he just got extra pesky but we're going to pretend he was mesmerized by the lights of the tree.

"Dragon, Smile!" .... Or do that.

Daddy and Dragon were taking a break to eat Candy Canes so I thought I'd capture the moment. 

I love that this place goes all out for Christmas. They even had a mediocre gingerbread house competition that I forgot to take pictures of. 

We finished the evening saying hi to a couple of Santa's reindeer and playing on the playground in the dark. 

Of course we had to pull Dragon away kicking and screaming because what kid would willingly want to leave a night like that.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Decorating is fun to do!

In case you didn't already know, I love everything about Christmas. Christmas has been and always will be (hopefully) a magical time of year for me.

The magic starts the day after Thanksgiving when we pull out the decorations and it lasts well into the new year.

This year I had a special helper while decorating. He made it 1000 times better than usual.

I was in the kitchen when I heard his giggling and exclaiming, "The Foot!" so I had to go and investigate what he was up to.

In case you can't tell he's playing his own little game where he covers up Colt's foot and then laughs hysterically when it inevitably emerges again. What a crack up.

I get why it's so fun to decorate Colt though, I did it too. He's just so cute covered in tinsel and lights.

Merry Christmas Season! 

Bellevue Festival of the Nativities

Day #5 of our advent calendar took us to the Bellevue Festival of the Nativities which, as you might have guessed, is in Bellevue. It's actually at the Stake Center right next to the temple and I always love driving by the temple so it was extra fun. 

When we first arrived a hand bell choir was just going on to perform so we got to listen to a hand bell choir for a little while. Dragon was captivated by the first one and a half songs and then we was ready to get up and move so we wandered around and looked at all the different nativities. I don't know how many they had but I think it would be an understatement to say it was in the low hundreds. 

They had really managed to make that place beautiful. A lot of hard work has gone into decking it out. They had a room just for kids to play with some kid-friendly nativities and then they had a photo room where you could dress up and get your picture taken. 

Dragon chose the costume with the fancy box which resulted in these awesome pictures:

I don't think there ever was a cuter wise man.

Ben was going to go with the obvious choice of Joseph to join Mary and baby but the other wise
man robe was a lot more cool looking. 

I'm glad we could find a fun way to celebrate the season and remember what Christmas is all about. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kids are crazy!

It was a cold, wintry night. All the homes on the block were dark. The world was asleep.

Or at least the parents thought it was. Until a little baby Colt woke up at 2am to eat and, while he was eating, the parents noticed a light coming from somewhere in the house.

After some investigating, the father returned to report that the little Dragon was proudly just sitting in bed and, when seeing his father, exclaimed, "I stayed in bed, Daddy!"

The father explained that it was not time to be awake and then he turned off the bedroom light and quickly returned to bed just in time to see a light turn back on.

Well, the parents were too tired so they just let the little Dragon keep his bedroom light on and hoped he'd fall asleep soon.

.... Fast Forward Two Hours .....

The father, being a pretty light sleeper, stirs awake at 4am and notices a little Dragon tip-toeing towards him. As soon as the little Dragon sees his father's eyes open he runs as fast as he can back to his bed aad sits there with a big grin on his face as his father walks into the room.

The father turns off the light and strongly implies that the little Dragon's fire truck will go missing if he doesn't stay in bed and try to go to sleep.

Luckily, it works. At least the parents think it works because, at 7:30am the little Dragon is sound asleep in his bed.


I still giggle a little every time I think about Dragon creeping into our room in the middle of the night. Crazy kid. We figure he was probably just playing around in his room for those two hours but he woke up this morning at about his normal time with plenty of energy to spare.

Who knows what got into him in the wee hours of the morning.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas tradition #1 (or 2)

I guess, technically, this is the second tradition of Christmas since going and chopping down a tree is also a tradition.

Either way, sleeping under our Christmas tree after it's all set up and decorated is a Christmas tradition for us. And it's usually one of my favorites.

In the past we've left Dragon in his bed and just slept under the tree by ourselves but this year we decided to give in and let the entire family join us.

Boy were we in for a night!

Dragon was so excited that he just laid there smiling on his pillow for the longest time but, after I threatened to take away his trains if he didn't close his eyes, he shut them and eventually fell asleep.

He did great the rest of the night--unlike his brother.

There are some major drafts that you can feel in our front room so I think Colt was just cold all night long and, as a result, slept terribly. 

Nevertheless, the tradition continues, we all survived and I'm glad we did it! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

We woke up to a beautiful sight on Saturday morning. "Snow on Eat-un car". "Snow on Bunka car".

The boys both found it fascinating

And I thought the backs of their heads were too cute not to take a picture of.

These kids are seriously growing up too fast. 

Colt has now experienced the first snow fall of his life! He didn't get to enjoy it quite as much as Dragon did.

Daddy and Dragon obviously built a snowman.

And then Dragon licked the snow man because that's the logical thing to do.

Occasionally Dragon took breaks from snowman building to get Bunka with snowballs.

Colt had a great view from his seat indoors to watch the fun. He contributed to the snowman building by trying to eat the snowman's nose. ... He failed because "teeth all gone", according to Dragon.

Introducing our newest family member--Mr. Snowman (This is not an announcement of any sort. The snowman is just a temporary member of our family)

Each morning since making the snowman, Dragon checks on him and says, "Snowman Okay!" He's going to be sad when it finally warms up again and all the snow melts.

After playing, Dragon warmed up with a PB and J in Grandpa's lap.

While Sir Topham Hatt supervised.

It sure was fun having Grandma and Grandpa here for a few days.

We are so excited to have them so close that we can spend holidays and weekend with them. Only a few more weekends until we get to see them again!