Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dragon being himself

Apparently kids playing on the playground is offensive to some people!?

If you have problems viewing this video it's because Google thinks that some of the content may be inappropriate or offensive. I turned off my safety mode to watch this video because it's too cute to pass up. Weird google/youtube. This is the third video of mine they've made unviewable in safety mode. Apparently my kids are just TOO cute for Youtube.

I was playing with Colt when I heard Dragon saying, "Happy Straw! ... Sad straw.  ... Happy straw! .... Sad straw." I tried to get him doing it on camera but of course he stopped. I did get him to demonstrate it for the camera through a bit of prodding.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Camping at Cascade Park

It was a pretty last minute plan to head camping but we pulled it off.  

I headed to the store and grabbed some (junk) food, packed the car up and as soon as Ben got home from work we headed out.

We got to the camp at about 6:30 and, as I was checking in, noticed a few other families from our ward on their list.

Dragon LOVED it! 

One of the families there happened to be a family with two boys that Dragon is very fond of. They're twins just a month younger than him. Unfortunately, we also got a glimpse at what life with a teenage Dragon is going to be like. Every time we turned our backs he was running off to be at his friends' camp ground across the field. And, when we were happily playing at the river, he abandoned us the minute his friends showed up to throw rocks with them.

He definitely had a blast.

Colt, as usual, was awesome. Just like always he was content with whatever we were doing. When he woke up in the morning he was SOOO happy. His babbling is actually what woke me up. And then he just smiled and smiled.

I remember a time Dragon took a nap at a park and woke up similarly happy. There is something about waking up in nature that must effect a baby's attitude. I love it.

Dragon woke up in the morning, groggily sat up and then, suddenly started spouting off his version of a story: "Light!" "Dark all gone." "No ghosts!"

... That's right, he made sure to mention there were no ghosts that showed up while we were sleeping outside in the dark.

When we woke up everything was smoking. He thought that was pretty cool.

Colt supervised the starting of our morning fire.

After breakfast we headed down to the river and then, once we were tired of FREEZING to death in the ice cold water we made a bee-line to the slip-n-slide. I think I could have played on it all day long but we had to get back to real life eventually.

I'm happy to say we survived our first camping trip as a family of four! In fact, I'm ready to go again. ... This time I'll set up the sleeping situation better and maybe I'll actually stay warm and get some sleep!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Growth Chart

I've been in major need of a project these last few weeks so when I saw this I had to make it:

The pictures aren't really doing this justice. I'm more than happy with how it turned out and I can't wait for it to be the first thing we hang on our walls in our place. (Someday we might just get settled in here). And, yes, I know there are only 6 inches below the first foot marker but it's set up so that you can hang it a little higher on the wall to avoid the baseboards.

Since we won't be owning our own home soon, I've been wanting something like this to mark our kiddos heights. Now we can take their growth chart with us wherever we go!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Labor Day Weekend!

I had a big long list of things we could do over Labor Day weekend with a few that I wanted to do more than others. Of course, the news report said it was going to be raining all weekend so a trip to the beach was out and a trip to a campground to play in the river and on the slip n slide was also out. So we went with plan C & D. 

Plan C was the Ballard locks. Dragon was talking about the fish we were going to see for three days before we went. I think that might've been a bad thing because he was less than impressed with the fish we saw swimming in the fish ladder. 

We happened to arrive at the fish ladder at the same time as a tour group so I had fun listening to all the things the tour guide had to tell us. Interesting fact, once the fish reach this ladder they never eat again. They spawn eggs and then die.

Apparently people used to fish out the dead fish for cat food but they are toxic when they die so it's not a good idea. Also, we should leave dead fish in the water because it gives the baby fish something to eat once they hatch.

Dragon was not very interested in what the tour guide had to say (also, he looks way too grown up in this picture!).

After the group left we headed back outside to watch the water. Unfortunately there were no good rocks to throw in so this didn't last very long either.

Proof that Colt and I were indeed on this adventure.

And a closer up of Colt because he's cute and he's wearing awesome batman socks ... Also, he's the best baby that seriously ever lived but we'll get to that later on in the post.

As we were leaving I saw a fish jump and said, "Look! A fish just jumped!" We sat there for a few minutes watching for another fish to jump so Dragon could see it but the waters were undisturbed. He was pretty upset he didn't get to see a "Fish jump!" Oh well. We made up for it by letting this be pretty much the only thing he ate all day (despite numerous efforts to feed him actually healthy things).  

At least a milkshake has milk in it. That's a pretty okay thing for him to have!

I finally tried something new at our all-time favorite hamburger place (Rain City Burgers on Roosevelt). I was not disappointed but now I don't know which burger I like better: Sounders Burger and Sonics Burger are both delicious (and spicy!). 

When we got home this kid didn't miss a beat. He got right down to business playing. 

Showing us how a fish jumps:

And this is how a Dragon jumps:

... Anyone want to do a bet on when Dragon will get his first broken bone?! Every. Single. Day. I think "Well, today is going to be the day!" Luckily, it hasn't happened yet. 

Monday we went with Plan D ... We headed to the Evergreen State Fair. 

While I definitely enjoyed the fair I was really mad at the weather channel for being so wrong about what the day would look like. If I'd known it was going to be hot and sunny all day long we could have gone to Jetty Island for the last day it was open this season. ... Boo. 

Oh well, we still had fun. It was just an exhausting kind of fun instead of a "relaxing on the beach/playing in the water" kind of fun.

We got to the fair just as the barrel racing started so we watched that for a bit. Dragon was ecstatic every time the tractors came out to re-rake the arena.

After the barrel racing we headed  over to the race track and watched "race cars!" for a few minutes. We probably could have just gotten comfortable and spent all day at the track if the cars weren't so loud. We had to plug Colt's ears every time a new set of cars raced down the track and he did NOT want his ears plugged. 

Once we managed to pull Dragon away we headed over to a lumberjack show.

It was a blast. I think it lasted about an hour and our kids were great for the whole thing! If I hadn't been holding Colt on my lap I seriously would have forgotten he was even with us. He didn't make a peep the entire time we were sitting there. Dragon started to get a bit antsy towards the end but then the guys climbed a 60 foot log so that recaptured his attention until the end.

After the show we went and saw all the animals.

Colt and the pigs:

Dragon and the sheep:

The boys and the cows:

 Dragon got to ride around on some toy pedal tractors and grind corn meal for awhile. He probably could have stayed there all day but I was, once again, getting really hot and I needed to get home!

So I asked him if there was anything he wanted to see before we went home and he replied, "Horses!" I asked him again a few minutes later just to make sure it wasn't a fluke and, once again, "Horses!" 

So, we went back and saw some more horses and then as soon as he saw them he fell asleep. 

It was pretty cute. He even fell asleep with a cracker still in his hand. 

Colt was also exhausted after his day of hanging out in the stroller and smiling. Seriously, he didn't even whimper the entire time we were at the fair. This kid is too good to us!

You know it's been a good day when both your kids are knocked out cold in the backseat. 

Hope your Labor Days were just as good!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Life with our two-year-old lately has been ... trying.

He's entered the stage where everything is, "Mine!" Some of these exclamations make more sense than others. Sometimes the object really is his. He's also learned that some things are "Mommy's!" and some things are "Daddy's!" but usually they are "Mine!"

Some of the things he makes are claim to are just downright ridiculous. An example of this ridiculousness happened today after his bath:

I noticed Dragon had a hair of mine on his bum so I said, "Come here, I'll get that hair off you." As I removed the hair he started whining and saying, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" I dropped the hair in the sink and thought that that was the end of that. Of course Dragon had other plans. He immediately started scouring the bathroom counter for another hair (which he found) and proceeded to place it back on his bum.

... Yeah. That's life right now with our two-year-old.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baby Bonding

Colt was bonding with his brother while we watched videos of Dragon when he was a baby.

It sounded like Colt was talking back to Dragon's coo's and giggles on the TV. I wish I'd gotten a video of it (of course) but all I have is this:

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Flying High

Daddy does the best swing pushes. They make Dragon laugh so hard and he always goes so high!

We love the weekend when Ben gets to be home with us all day!