Friday, July 18, 2014

For Ben

Since Ben wasn't around today this video is for him, and anyone else that wants to watch 7 minutes of Dragon swimming in the water (plus a bonus clip of Colt at the end).

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Camera Shy?

I was taking pictures of Colt while Dragon was in the bath and so I decided I'd take a few of him to make sure he didn't feel left out.

This is how it went:

.... "No!"

.... "No!" 

Me: "Fine. I'll quit taking pictures of you." I then turned to take another picture of Colt when Dragon screamed, "No!!!!!" and then he posed like this:

and said, "Cheese!"

And that pretty much sums up life with a two year old right now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Apparently I'm not perfect. Who knew!?

I really thought I was a patient person before I became a mom. I thought I was a patient person after becoming a mom when I had a newborn. I thought I was a patient person once my newborn became an infant. But then my infant became a toddler and I realized how impatient I really am.

I think a lot has to do with the fact that I'm a tiny bit of a control freak--just ask Ben. Luckily, thanks to Ben's patience, I have been getting better at that (he just starts to laugh when I start telling him how to do something he obviously already knows how to do and I realize I don't really need to be telling him how to go about picking me up from the airport, for example).

I try to remember to pray for patience every day. Sometimes it works and sometimes ... it doesn't.

A lot of times the moment I finally lose it and get mad at Dragon I feel bad and apologize to him immediately but I need to figure out how to realize I'm reaching that point before it's already happened. And, more importantly, I need to figure out a way to be more patient from the get-go.

I did have an epiphany recently when I realized that Dragon is a two-year old and not an adult. For some reason I'd been expecting him to act the way I'd act. It's been easier for me to be a bit more understanding and patient with him since then but that realization only goes so far.

Yes, he's two years old and yes two year olds make messes but I know he knows he's not supposed to be spraying water out of the shower (we have a shower head that can hang down  for him to hold if we take it off the hook) onto the bathroom floor creating a wading pool in our bathroom.

And yes, two year olds are messy by nature but I JUST got him bathed and cleaned up from his morning adventures when he decided to make his way to the back yard and plop down in a pile of muddy water while I was trying to get Colt down for a nap.

Needless to say, I feel like my life is spent cleaning up messes and sometimes it's just one mess too many and I suddenly become a mean old monster.

So how do you keep your cool when you're raging inside? Or, better yet, how do you keep from raging inside in the first place!

 If I can fake it at first hopefully eventually it just won't get to me any more. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Newborn then and now

I am soooo excited to have the pictures from our family/newborn photo session. They are gorgeous! 

If you live in the Seattle area and need a photographer, I'd highly recommend the gal that did ours. She was fantastic--Lindsay Salazar. 

Anyway, now that we have the pictures from our photo session the other day, I can start comparing my kiddos as newborns. 

Can you tell which is which?? (Ben said you better at least get the first set right)

Thursday, June 5, 2014


I know I should probably just make our blog private but ... I won't, at least not for the foreseeable future. Instead I've tried not to use E's real name on social media and the blog as much as possible. In fact, I've gone back through the blog and tried to delete any of the times I accidentally used his real name instead of "E". It turns out when you use the first letter of your kid's name as his "pseudonym" you accidentally type his real name a lot more than you realize.

Now that Kai is here I am suddenly realizing I need to come up with a better name for him as well since we actually call him Kai on occasion.

I've decided to call them by their Chinese Zodiac animals from now on.

E is going to be Dragon and Kai is going to be Colt. I know, I know. Super original! 

I'll also probably go back and change their names in all the posts up until now.

I figure it'll be pretty easy to remember who is who. Dragon is the one who is constantly roaring at things

and Colt is our cuddly baby horse. ... If horses were cuddly, that is.

And, in case you forget who is who, I've updated the cheat sheet on the left side of our blog.

Beach Day!

Last Saturday was absolutely gorgeous and I was not about to spend the whole day sitting inside so we packed a lunch and headed to our local beach/playground park. This playground is awesome. It has a massive amount of toys to play on as well as a huge, sandy beach area.

I prefer the sandy beach part because it's easier to keep an eye on E so that's where we spent most of our time.

My view from our picnic blanket:

It doesn't get much better than that! 

E could have stayed there all day. In fact, he was quite unhappy when we packed up and said it was time to go.

Luckily there was a guy playing his pot and bucket up near the parking lot so that distracted him enough to get him home mostly tantrum free.