Monday, April 21, 2014

Potty Training ... but not really

So we've had a little potty chair sitting in our bathroom for months now. I have no intention of putting in the effort to train E any time soon but I figured it would be good for him to at least get used to the idea of it.

Well, to make a long story short, despite my lack of doing anything potty training related E used his potty the other day to avoid getting his diaper on.

I usually let him air out a bit after a bath or shower because I can only imagine how uncomfortable wearing a diaper all day every day can be but as soon as I start to suspect he may be needing that diaper soon, it's back into clothes for him. Well, that day, to avoid the diaper, he ran over to his potty and sat down.

Of course I thought he was just sitting there to avoid his diaper until he exclaimed a few seconds later, "Did it!" I skeptically walked over to see what exactly he did and, sure enough, he did do it!

I'm still not going to work on potty training any time soon but I definitely found that morning's events to be promising. Maybe he'll just potty train himself in a few months. I can be optimistic, right?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I love the colors of Spring/Easter!

I've never had my birthday fall on an Easter but I think this year was the closest it's been so I bought myself a birthday/Easter bouquet to decorate our kitchen. Looking at the flowers while I am washing dishes makes me happy. 

My mom also happened to send me some Tulips (which I found on our doorstep as soon as I got home with my flowers) and they ended up matching the bouquet I got quite nicely. I put them in a bunch of vases and now the tulips are spread around our house and they make me smile every time I glance their direction.

Today was definitely a fun day. The Easter bunny came by and hid some eggs for E to find. He was so excited every time he found one. In fact, I'm pretty sure he accidentally said, "I see an Egg!" But we could never get him to say it again so he's still trying to pretend like he can't talk that well. ... Such a little pesky guy!

He also had a little basket with some bubbles and sidewalk chalk in it and he had an Easter outfit sitting out for him.

I love the bright, frilly Easter dresses that make their way to store shelves this time of year but I don't have any girls so I told Ben I'd find an Easter outfit for our kiddo and I was successful!

We had Stake Conference today so he got a chance to show it off to a whole stake of people instead of just our ward. He even has a suit coat that goes with it but it is WAY too big for him. Oh well, he'll get a lot of use out of it when it does finally (sort of ) fit!

It's amazing what a difference 6 months can make in your kid's life. E was a rockstar at Conference (compared to last time where he spent most of the two hours wandering the halls with Daddy). He had his brief moments of toddlerness but overall he was quiet and spent a good half an hour sliding off his chair and climbing back on and sliding off again. 

I was especially grateful for Stake Conference because that meant we got home from church at noon instead of four.

Unfortunately these are the only pictures I got of him in his Easter getup before they got dirty from pizza:

Since we had Stake Conference this week I had a chance to teach the Easter lesson to my primary class last week. I had a bunch of Easter-y things like candy, eggs, flowers, Easter baskets, and E's fancy clothes. We talked about what each thing had to do with Easter and then I asked them if each item was why we celebrated Easter. Thankfully they got the answer right each time.

As much as I love the Easter outfits and I love the flowers and colors, I am so much more grateful for the Atonement and Resurrection. Because of Him I can be with my beautiful little boy and my husband forever.

I hope your Easter was filled with bubbles and laughter and fun. And if it wasn't I hope you at least had a chance to reflect on the sacrifice He made for you, individually, so that you could return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven again.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A day full of fun!

If you know me at all you'll know that a beautiful, warm, sunny day is the best medicine for my soul. It was seriously gorgeous. E wanted to go outside around 9am and I told him it was still too cold. To prove my point I opened up our back door and was pleasantly surprised with how wrong I was! So we went in the back yard and started our day of play. The only bad thing about being outside at 9am is that the grass is still really wet but E didn't really seem to mind.

We took advantage of the day, starting with a little tent in the back yard. 

(This is probably my favorite picture of the day, which is why it made it on facebook/instagram and the blog)

Once the pants were adequately soaked through I thought it would be a good time to take a break from the grass and give it a chance to dry out so we pulled out the table and paints and got to work making an Easter decoration.

The amazing part is that we managed to go the entire project without getting any paint on clothes. ... Sort of. We were ALL done and then E decided his shirt would be a good place to wipe his hands as a final gesture of "a job well done". 

While we waited for the Easter egg to dry we found other ways to stay entertained. 

Once the dirt had been adequately dumped in diapers and on the grass, and I'd weeded a good portion of our backyard, it was lunchtime so we pulled out the picnic blanket and made some smoothies and sandwiches. 

Ben got home just in time to join us. 

Nothing better than lounging on daddy eating brownies.

After lunch, Ben headed back to work and E went down for a LONG nap. Apparently playing all morning is hard work. 

On a normal day he would have woken up from his nap just minutes before Ben got home but Ben had an unusually busy day at the pharmacy setting a new record of 70 prescriptions in one day so he got out of work quite a bit later than usual. (His previous high was 57--quite a jump!)

So we hung out and waited for Daddy to get home and then we ate a quick dinner and headed to a park nearby called North Creek Park. The playground was a VERY popular post-dinner hangout so we decided to go for a walk out on the boardwalk through the wetlands. 

Did you know that wetlands are the Kidneys of the world?

They are also great for keeping a little guy entertained.

Also, have you noticed how many outfits we've been through so far today?? (and I didn't even take a picture of the "birthday suit" he wore running away from me for 15 minutes while I tried to get him in the shower). I guess when we're playing outside we get dirty a lot!

Unless he's trying to run really fast, he's always carrying a stick or a rock. And if he IS trying to run really fast, mom or dad are carrying his sticks and rocks for him.

Testing out the depth of the water:

And then my camera died so there is no proof that I was even on this little outing so hopefully I do not lose my mind someday and need proof that I was a part of this family. 

Regardless, it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Have I mentioned how excited I am for summer to get here?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Adventures await

I was wondering how plausible a backpacking trip with a two-year-old and a two/three-month-old would be and then this happened:

Now that I  know our little guy can handle himself out on the open trail, we're good to go! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunny and Beautiful

Let me just start out this post with: "Yeah, we live here!"

It was a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree Monday and we couldn't imagine just putting E to bed when Ben got home so we headed out the door to the closest beach to our house. 

E can really appreciate this beach since it's made up mostly of rocks.

And obviously there is water ... 

So he spent the evening gathering rocks and throwing them in the water, just like any two-year-old would.

I love it when little kids make adult-like gestures. For example, whenever E would throw a rock he'd brush off his hands.

We brought along our picnic blanket but, as you can imagine, hanging out on a beach of rocks isn't the most comfortable place to lie down and relax (too bad the grassy area was too far from water).

Have I mentioned how much fun E had throwing rocks in the water?

And, when we finally managed to pull E away from the rocks he found sticks and sand and was equally entertained.

He even discovered he could hide his shoes in the sand. 


Anyway, it was a gorgeous last hoorah before the rain came back. A little peek into what's waiting for us in a month or two. The summers in Seattle (or in the Seattle area) are magical. They have a way of making you forget about all the cold, rainy days during the winter.

Yeah, we live here. And we love it too!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Finally Finished and on Display!

It was started about 6 weeks ago, thanks to Tim. But then Tim and Fran headed home and the project met a standstill--at least during the week days.

Everytime we'd think "we're almost done!" we'd start to list off all the things that were still left and we'd realize just how far from done we were. But, after painting, and waiting, and then painting again and waiting and applying a top coat and then waiting and waiting, it is finally dry and hopefully ready for use!

Not only is it gorgeous but it has inspired a rearrangement of our living room. 

Besides being ecstatic about finally having an entertainment center, it's really fun being able to have such an important piece of furniture that we've made! I didn't contribute much to the construction process but the sanding and painting and more sanding and more painting and then top-coating took FOREVER. Especially since I could only do it during naptime and after bedtime. So I still feel like I really helped build this thing. 

Feel free to schedule a weekend or a week or a month to come and admire our entertainment center in person. We have a room open for reservations starting today!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


According to Ben, most people have some sort of momentous occasion when they get their first bike. Like, "I saved up all summer and I could either pay my tithing or get a bike so I paid my tithing and then my parents helped buy the bike!" or "I asked Santa for a bike but I never thought he'd bring it and then, there it was!".

Well, in our house, there was no pomp and circumstance. Unless you count that it was sunny for a few days and it made me think of all the things I want to do when it's finally sunny for several months straight. Plus, I figured if we got started now, maybe by the time it is sunny and warm outside that E would have a pretty good hang of "riding" a bike.

It was delivered to our front porch yesterday while he was napping so I put it all together and had planned to hide it until Ben got home but ... I forgot to hide it. So he woke up and saw his "BIKE!" and was in love. Of course, I then proceeded to take it away in an attempt to make him forget he'd seen it so Ben could witness the happiness of our child seeing his first bike and, obviously, there were tears. Lots and lots of tears. There was wailing for "Biiiikeee". Etc. etc. I felt really bad. But not as bad as I felt about Ben missing out on the excitement so the bike stayed hidden and E was finally distracted by fruit loops and a show.

Once Ben was home I re-surprised him and he finally got to have a good go at "riding" it around the house. Obviously, he likes it. He still needs to grow another inch to really be comfortable on it but he's just fine walking around with it between his legs. Maybe eventually we'll figure out the "balance" part. But I've heard good things about using a "balance bike" as a pre-requisite to a big kid bike.

I think he'll at least sort of have the hang of things by the time summer finally rolls around.

It may not have been a gift from Santa, or have a big story about saving and sacrifice, but I think there was still a reason to celebrate:

 Happy cold, rainy, cloudy bleak day to you, E!  

Seeing him that happy was as good as the 65 degree and sunny weather we had last week.