Thursday, September 10, 2015

Preschooler! What?!

I have a preschooler! I real, official, preschooler. It's crazy. 

He's entered the stage of life where a normal smile is THE hardest thing in the world to accomplish. 

3 going on 15.

A group of ladies from the ward with kids all around the same age (2-3) decided to put together a co-op preschool this year and I am so excited (and a little nervous!). Dragon was all against it until I told him his favorite friends were going to be doing it as well and then he couldn't wait to go.

This morning he woke up bright and early and even let me fix his hair! He prefers it to be broken but on special occasions he lets me tame the wild beast.

Closest thing to a real smile we could manage! 

He put on his backpack and we took a few pictures and then it was time to go! (Actually it was still 15 minutes early but he wanted to go so badly that we just got in the car and I drove really slow and then took a really long time unloading them.)

Once there he got straight to work learning life skills like how to fix a shopping cart wheel.

Dragon had a blast singing songs and he was chosen to hold one of the flags for the pledge of allegiance.

They decorated their own place mats and laminated them before snack time.

Colt decided that he wanted to have snacks with the cool kids and he was soooo happy when no one pulled him away.  

After snack time they opened the "Letter Box" and found a bunch of things that started with the letter "M". 

And then, every kid's favorite thing: The parachute! 

It was so fun getting to participate in Dragon's first day of school. Next week he'll be on his own. I'm sure he won't even notice that I'm not there

"Miss Paige" did an awesome job kicking it off preschool for us. Glad I still have a few more weeks before I'm in charge. 

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Fran said...

Fun! What a heartthrob!