Monday, February 2, 2015

More about Dragon turning 3!

It's a week late but I had to talk a little more about the special birthday boy!

The theme for this birthday was definitely trucks, cars and "more, more" trucks. 

After his birthday party, he mastered the art of unwrapping presents. Good thing too because ... he had a lot!

Colt celebrated by sleeping on the floor as all the fun happened around him.

Then Grandma and Grandpa surprised us by showing up and spending the evening with us while we opened presents and ate some cake and ice cream.

This little thing was probably my favorite part of his birthday. I've sort of resigned myself to the idea of it just being us on most special occasions so I was SOOO happy to be wrong! Dragon loved seeing Bunka and Maama too.

Nana and Aunt B skyped with Dragon for a bit, which really meant that I talked with them while Dragon played around with his new toys. 

My favorite present reaction was when he squealed as he unwrapped his car mat. 

Our kiddo is so excited to grow big. He wants to be just like his daddy. Mondays are the hardest because he's had all weekend to run around and play and suddenly Daddy has to go back to work.

Dragon is having lots of growing pains at night which make some nights with him a struggle but when he wakes up in the morning he's right back to himself--full of energy.

He has A LOT of cars and I tried to hide the ones he never plays with but, I recently discovered, he plays with THEM ALL. Each of them gets a turn to go sleep in his bed with him.

His favorite foods lately include, pot stickers for all meals, sandwiches for all meals, mac and cheese, yogurt and pizza. Oh and cold pizza for breakfast. The other day he woke me up from a nap by shoving his pizza crust in my mouth.

Dragon still loves people and reminds me sometimes of my teenage self--he sees his friends and suddenly his family could be on the other side of the galaxy for all he cares. We love that he gets so excited to go to church so he can see his friends and, despite all our correcting, every time we pull into the church parking lot Dragon excitedly exclaims, "Temple!"

He's learning to use scissors--which I found out the hard way when I went to finish a project I'd started a few days earlier for Relief Society. ... As Dragon would say, "soopsie!"

Life is certainly anything but boring with him around. I look forward to each and every day being this kid's mom. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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Fran said...

Tomorrow will bring running along the path at the lake!