Monday, February 2, 2015

Stroll around the lakes

In case you haven't noticed, when the sun comes out around here we try to take full advantage.

The other day it was a gorgeous sunny morning so I made dragon get dressed and we went for a walk. It wasn't long before he was out running on the trail in front of me. I will never get over how cute he is when he runs.

 Try not to get too motion sick while watching!

He stopped his running long enough to throw rocks in the water while Colt sat looking on, probably wishing he could do the same!

Someday soon, Colt. Someday soon. 

Eventually I dragged him away from the rocks and we headed toward home. When he saw this Bench he ran and sat on it and said, "Dragon sit bench!"

The ducks then took off into the air and he thought that was awesome. 

Sometimes a walk in the brisk fresh air is just what I need to rejuvenate and get a more positive and energetic outlook on life! ... It doesn't hurt that my walking partners are so dang cute!


Fran said...

Did you take the bread to feed the ducks?

kelsey said...