Saturday, January 24, 2015

Our Dragon is Three (tomorrow)!

I'd like to show you what happens when you ask a three-year-old to stand still so you can take a picture of them in the shirt you made them:

Pretty good so far, right? Well, what if you say, "Okay, turn around so I can get a picture of the back?" ...

In his defense, he did turn around (several times, in fact), just not in the way I meant.

I found some cute invites online, but, I wasn't about to pay for someone else to make them, especially when the design was pretty easy to do on my own. So we just printed out some 5x7 pictures and taped them together with double sided tape. 

 I think they turned out really well!

His birthday party today was LOTS of fun and almost as equally crazy. 

When the kids arrived they had their hard hats and work uniforms to put on. 

 I had intended to have structured games but changed my mind last minute, because I thought maybe the kids would rather just do their own thing. 

As soon as the kids all arrived and started playing (aka destroying!), I was reminded that kids this age definitely need structure. 

So, first we ate some food: 

We also had some dirt cups (which was my favorite part!) but I forgot to take pictures.

After eating some food we all sat on the couch and took turns doing some demolition on the wall in the middle of our front room with a wrecking ball. 

After that we practiced being diggers and dug through packing peanuts for letters to fill in the puzzles. 

The kids also had fun just going crazy in the balloon pit (as seen above), hammering "nails" into "wood" blocks,

coloring truck pictures, 

and driving trucks along the road.


Colt spent most of the time just hanging out on the couch watching the madness, content as always:

Eventually we broke out the cake--the easiest cake I've ever made. Thank you Costco!

We invited 11 kids (12 including Dragon) and of those 12, 4 of the kids have names that start with E. Somehow they all wore around helmets with the right letter, but the wrong name. So, for most of our pictures Dragon is Emmett!

After all was said and done our little three year old was exhausted. Just before the last of his birthday guests walked out the door, we spotted him on the couch like this:

And it wasn't until just now I realized he'd lined up his birthday haul along the couch with him to rest.

Thanks to everyone who could come. You made Dragon's week. He kept asking when his friends would come to his house and now that you've come and gone he keeps asking where his friends went! He would love it if everyone just lived here all of the time.

Happy Birthday to my little (big) 3 year old!


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What a fun party!

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Funnest party ever! Great ideas. I may have to pick your brain for Sam's birthday.