Sunday, November 23, 2014

Foooood! And an imaginary conversation with my 6 month old's fake thoughts

Who doesn't love food?

Oh yeah, this kid:

Sorry about the tongue but this was the best picture to illustrate my point. 

I have a video of Dragon devouring his first bites of solid food but this kid just turns his head away as far as possible and makes the most disgusted face you have ever seen.

Another great face, courtesy of Dragon's photography skills:

A great example of the head craning to avoid food eating that I was talking about earlier...

Even big brother at the other end of the spoon isn't enough to entice this kid's pallet. 

Such a cute pesky guy!

Pretty sure Colt's thoughts went something like this: "So, we're done with this 'solid' food thing now right?"

"Because I really want to be done with this 'solid' food thing" 

To which I respond, "Colt! This food will make you full and then you'll sleep better and everyone will be so happy!"

Colt: ....

"What if I smile really cute? Will you forget about the food then?"

Me: ...

Me: "Nope! My eyes are closed! Those cute faces aren't going to work on me! We're doing this food thing, buddy. We need you get your nutrients!"

Colt: "But Moooom!" 

Me: "Yeahhh. It's happening."

Colt: "Noooooo!"

So far oatmeal, avocados and bananas are a bust. I've tried homemade and store bought oatmeal hoping he just didn't like my homemade kind but the store bought kind was no better. Boo! 

He's been waking up a lot at night so I was really hoping to fill his tummy up with other foods to remedy that whole situation. 

Guess we'll just keep hoping he changes his mind! 


Mrs. Mike said...

Brooke! I think our kids are twins! Bear = Dragon, Beaver = Colt. He was the same way when we started solid food! And, sorry to discourage you, but he is still my super picky eater and drives me crazy where food is concerned. Good luck with your little man. He is dang cute. He would have gotten whatever he wanted from me with those adorable faces.

Fran said...

Dragon's little hand feeding Colt! Too cute!