Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Leaves, Lady Bugs, and Little Guys

It's been unusually rainy these past few weeks so when the Sun came out, we took advantage of it and went on a little walk to a park near our house. 

We found a pile of leaves so we stopped to let Dragon and Colt play in them for a bit. 

It didn't hurt that it was a nice spot where we could soak up the sun and get a nice view of the little pond.

Dragon and Daddy found a lady bug on the park bench:

I never get tired of  watching Dragon interact with the world. 
This lady bug was a highlight of his day.

And, like anything else Dragon loves, he had to share it with Colt.

Colt couldn't have cared less about the bug. 

But he did love the leaves!

Dragon decided he needed to play in the leaves too.

I really wanted Colt to be a girl but now I'm so so glad I didn't get my way.

These two are already best buddies. And I can only hope that continues as they get older. 

The next three pictures cracked me up. They've got the same face/body language/expression in all of them.

Twins that are two years apart.

As they say it in the south, "Happy Fall Ya'll!" 

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