Monday, May 5, 2014

This is how we get a nap in on Sunday afternoon

Sometimes, after a morning of "playing" and then an afternoon of hanging out with five-year-olds (me) and fourteen-year-olds (Ben) the parents in this house are in major need of a nap. Unfortunately, the toddler in this house is usually super grumpy from his missed nap and he usually wants to pick up where we left off before we headed to church--playing some crazy game that requires way more energy than either of us can muster. The grumpiness kicks in when either Mom or Dad decide they just need a little break and sit down on the couch.

 Today we found a temporary solution: "Shows".

It was an hour and a half of adorable quiet-time. 

I didn't quite get a nap but I did spend that hour watching him watch his movie which didn't require me getting up, or spinning, or running, or moving at all. It was perfect.

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kelsey said...

I love this trick. Use it often.