Sunday, May 4, 2014


As most of you know, at my 37 week doctor's appointment on Thursday the doctor had a hard time finding the baby's heartbeat.

I was completely freaking out in my head because I hadn't really felt him move that morning (my appointment was at 10a) so I automatically started thinking the worst.

She said she was going to go grab their little low-tech ultrasound machine and left Ethan and I sitting in the room for a few minutes. When she came back she moved the sensor around on my stomach for a minute looking confused then she said she needed to switch sides so she could get a better angle.

I was still freaking out since she had obviously not yet found the heartbeat. With the low-tech ultrasound it's not super easy to see a whole lot of the baby at one time so I knew he could just be in a weird position or something but I tend to jump to "worst case scenario" conclusions when left to my own devices.

Suddenly she let out an "Ohh..huh". Then she said, "When did we do your ultrasound?" I told her it was two weeks earlier at my 35 week appointment. To that she responded, "Well, your kiddo decided to do a flip! .. Which is really uncommon this far along." She then turned the screen and showed me where his head was (right up by my ribs) and his heart. Yay! It was still flickering rapidly like it should be. Major crisis averted but ... he was now breech.

What did that mean?

Well, it meant we were going to schedule an external version because there was a good chance we could get him turned back around since he's been in the correct position at most, if not all, of the recent appointments.

The kicker was when she said, "You're going to want to come prepared to have a baby. So that means, have your bags packed, childcare taken care of, etc."


At that moment I thought about the room with piles of baby clothes lying everywhere because we didn't have anywhere to put them. I was also thinking about the fact that my "hospital bag" currently consisted of contact solution.

What an eye opener that was.

Even if baby boy #2 doesn't make his appearance tomorrow he really could come any time now and we were definitely not ready for that. In a way that doctor's appointment got us moving. We went out and found a dresser this weekend (for $10!) and we got all those baby clothes washed and put away. We also mostly packed my hospital bag and Ben cleaned up our disaster of a house.

Thursday after my appointment I was feeling completely overwhelmed with things going on in our life and things we needed to do before baby officially joined our family. But today, "It's all good."

In fact, Ben and I were talking about how great it would be if I just went into labor while I was at the hospital tomorrow--we think baby boy #2 has already flipped around on his own. Ideally, we'd like to avoid the emergency c-section complications that can sometimes accompany (although, rarely) an external version but we wouldn't mind meeting our little guy sooner rather than later.

If I don't have the baby tomorrow I'm guessing he'll be born May 14th. It's a full moon and apparently a full moon can induce labor.

On a separate note, because blogs without pictures are boring:

If he'd been born several years earlier, I'm pretty sure E could have been the star of Zoolander

Any chance Altoids will pay us to use the first picture in an ad campaign? 

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