Monday, April 21, 2014

Potty Training ... but not really

So we've had a little potty chair sitting in our bathroom for months now. I have no intention of putting in the effort to train E any time soon but I figured it would be good for him to at least get used to the idea of it.

Well, to make a long story short, despite my lack of doing anything potty training related E used his potty the other day to avoid getting his diaper on.

I usually let him air out a bit after a bath or shower because I can only imagine how uncomfortable wearing a diaper all day every day can be but as soon as I start to suspect he may be needing that diaper soon, it's back into clothes for him. Well, that day, to avoid the diaper, he ran over to his potty and sat down.

Of course I thought he was just sitting there to avoid his diaper until he exclaimed a few seconds later, "Did it!" I skeptically walked over to see what exactly he did and, sure enough, he did do it!

I'm still not going to work on potty training any time soon but I definitely found that morning's events to be promising. Maybe he'll just potty train himself in a few months. I can be optimistic, right?


christy said...

I also let my boys air out because they would get skin irritation if I didn't and once it was warm out I just but a long tshirt on them or baggy shorts and they knew they had to go on the toilet and they did. It wasn't too hard. Lidia was more difficult. Plus in the summer boys can just be sent outside and either pee there or come inside for the toilet. I never did the potty because I didn't want to clean it. We had a step stool and the little seat that goes over the big one. The little fold up one for use in public is very handy when they can't wait to get home. My boys were almost three though.

Fran said...

Wow, that sounds promising.