Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I love the colors of Spring/Easter!

I've never had my birthday fall on an Easter but I think this year was the closest it's been so I bought myself a birthday/Easter bouquet to decorate our kitchen. Looking at the flowers while I am washing dishes makes me happy. 

My mom also happened to send me some Tulips (which I found on our doorstep as soon as I got home with my flowers) and they ended up matching the bouquet I got quite nicely. I put them in a bunch of vases and now the tulips are spread around our house and they make me smile every time I glance their direction.

Today was definitely a fun day. The Easter bunny came by and hid some eggs for E to find. He was so excited every time he found one. In fact, I'm pretty sure he accidentally said, "I see an Egg!" But we could never get him to say it again so he's still trying to pretend like he can't talk that well. ... Such a little pesky guy!

He also had a little basket with some bubbles and sidewalk chalk in it and he had an Easter outfit sitting out for him.

I love the bright, frilly Easter dresses that make their way to store shelves this time of year but I don't have any girls so I told Ben I'd find an Easter outfit for our kiddo and I was successful!

We had Stake Conference today so he got a chance to show it off to a whole stake of people instead of just our ward. He even has a suit coat that goes with it but it is WAY too big for him. Oh well, he'll get a lot of use out of it when it does finally (sort of ) fit!

It's amazing what a difference 6 months can make in your kid's life. E was a rockstar at Conference (compared to last time where he spent most of the two hours wandering the halls with Daddy). He had his brief moments of toddlerness but overall he was quiet and spent a good half an hour sliding off his chair and climbing back on and sliding off again. 

I was especially grateful for Stake Conference because that meant we got home from church at noon instead of four.

Unfortunately these are the only pictures I got of him in his Easter getup before they got dirty from pizza:

Since we had Stake Conference this week I had a chance to teach the Easter lesson to my primary class last week. I had a bunch of Easter-y things like candy, eggs, flowers, Easter baskets, and E's fancy clothes. We talked about what each thing had to do with Easter and then I asked them if each item was why we celebrated Easter. Thankfully they got the answer right each time.

As much as I love the Easter outfits and I love the flowers and colors, I am so much more grateful for the Atonement and Resurrection. Because of Him I can be with my beautiful little boy and my husband forever.

I hope your Easter was filled with bubbles and laughter and fun. And if it wasn't I hope you at least had a chance to reflect on the sacrifice He made for you, individually, so that you could return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven again.


Fran said...

Cute Easter clothes.

kelsey said...

So cute in his Easter outfit!