Sunday, May 11, 2014

Surprise Baby Shower!

Ben's co-workers are amazing! Last week they threw us a surprise baby shower. Apparently the person who did the most work had arranged for one of the insurance reps to email Ben and invite him to a luncheon thing. Meanwhile, the same person had told me Ben was being secretly honored as their first Employee of the Month but I needed to keep it a secret!

I was a little suspicious with the timing but my suspicions didn't last long since they made it sound like they just wanted to know if I would be there or not. It wasn't like they NEEDED me there.

It was awesome. They definitely surprised us.

They had tons of food, which would have been plenty for us but they went above and beyond and got us gifts as well! Ben is lucky to get to work with such thoughtful people.

In my surprised state I didn't even think to take pictures, luckily, someone else took a few for us.

E loved it just as much as we did. He especially loved opening all of the presents. 

He even attempted to try a few things on, including a super tiny little baby hat someone crocheted for us. 

(I've forgotten how tiny a newborn baby is!)

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Fran said...

What a lovely thing to do,