Saturday, March 29, 2014

Finally Finished and on Display!

It was started about 6 weeks ago, thanks to Tim. But then Tim and Fran headed home and the project met a standstill--at least during the week days.

Everytime we'd think "we're almost done!" we'd start to list off all the things that were still left and we'd realize just how far from done we were. But, after painting, and waiting, and then painting again and waiting and applying a top coat and then waiting and waiting, it is finally dry and hopefully ready for use!

Not only is it gorgeous but it has inspired a rearrangement of our living room. 

Besides being ecstatic about finally having an entertainment center, it's really fun being able to have such an important piece of furniture that we've made! I didn't contribute much to the construction process but the sanding and painting and more sanding and more painting and then top-coating took FOREVER. Especially since I could only do it during naptime and after bedtime. So I still feel like I really helped build this thing. 

Feel free to schedule a weekend or a week or a month to come and admire our entertainment center in person. We have a room open for reservations starting today!


Fran said...

Wow, it is beautiful! And you picked out the color. We will come to see it in June.

kelsey said...

Oh wow! I am impressed. It looks perfect. Great color. Good job everyone.