Thursday, March 20, 2014


According to Ben, most people have some sort of momentous occasion when they get their first bike. Like, "I saved up all summer and I could either pay my tithing or get a bike so I paid my tithing and then my parents helped buy the bike!" or "I asked Santa for a bike but I never thought he'd bring it and then, there it was!".

Well, in our house, there was no pomp and circumstance. Unless you count that it was sunny for a few days and it made me think of all the things I want to do when it's finally sunny for several months straight. Plus, I figured if we got started now, maybe by the time it is sunny and warm outside that E would have a pretty good hang of "riding" a bike.

It was delivered to our front porch yesterday while he was napping so I put it all together and had planned to hide it until Ben got home but ... I forgot to hide it. So he woke up and saw his "BIKE!" and was in love. Of course, I then proceeded to take it away in an attempt to make him forget he'd seen it so Ben could witness the happiness of our child seeing his first bike and, obviously, there were tears. Lots and lots of tears. There was wailing for "Biiiikeee". Etc. etc. I felt really bad. But not as bad as I felt about Ben missing out on the excitement so the bike stayed hidden and E was finally distracted by fruit loops and a show.

Once Ben was home I re-surprised him and he finally got to have a good go at "riding" it around the house. Obviously, he likes it. He still needs to grow another inch to really be comfortable on it but he's just fine walking around with it between his legs. Maybe eventually we'll figure out the "balance" part. But I've heard good things about using a "balance bike" as a pre-requisite to a big kid bike.

I think he'll at least sort of have the hang of things by the time summer finally rolls around.

It may not have been a gift from Santa, or have a big story about saving and sacrifice, but I think there was still a reason to celebrate:

 Happy cold, rainy, cloudy bleak day to you, E!  

Seeing him that happy was as good as the 65 degree and sunny weather we had last week.

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Jess and Richard said...

So fun! We got Soren a balance bike for Christmas and he loves it! He has already gotten way better on it, you will be surprise how fast he will pick it up.