Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm getting bigger ...

I've felt HUGE pretty much since day one with this pregnancy so I decided to compare this one to my last. Turns out it's mostly all in my head. (Obviously the pictures without E in them are when I was pregnant with E).

7 weeks:

11 weeks: 

12 Weeks: 

13 weeks:

18 weeks:

21 weeks:

22 weeks:

28 weeks:

I don't really feel like I have much more room to grow but we've still got 12 weeks left! 

I was just telling someone yesterday that 12 weeks seems SOOO soon. Of course, that's only when I'm not thinking about how uncomfortable I am and instead I'm thinking about how to keep a curious toddler entertained while taking care of a little baby at the same time. Life is about to get very interesting!

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Fran said...

E has changed in 28 weeks. He looks more independent in the last photo.