Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunny and Beautiful

Let me just start out this post with: "Yeah, we live here!"

It was a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree Monday and we couldn't imagine just putting E to bed when Ben got home so we headed out the door to the closest beach to our house. 

E can really appreciate this beach since it's made up mostly of rocks.

And obviously there is water ... 

So he spent the evening gathering rocks and throwing them in the water, just like any two-year-old would.

I love it when little kids make adult-like gestures. For example, whenever E would throw a rock he'd brush off his hands.

We brought along our picnic blanket but, as you can imagine, hanging out on a beach of rocks isn't the most comfortable place to lie down and relax (too bad the grassy area was too far from water).

Have I mentioned how much fun E had throwing rocks in the water?

And, when we finally managed to pull E away from the rocks he found sticks and sand and was equally entertained.

He even discovered he could hide his shoes in the sand. 


Anyway, it was a gorgeous last hoorah before the rain came back. A little peek into what's waiting for us in a month or two. The summers in Seattle (or in the Seattle area) are magical. They have a way of making you forget about all the cold, rainy days during the winter.

Yeah, we live here. And we love it too!

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kelsey said...

I love every last thing about this.