Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow days

Well, we've beat last years snow days by 2 so far! 

Thankfully, this time, E decided to keep his gloves on while he was outside so we could really enjoy it.

It helped that Ben was home since anything with Daddy is always more fun. Of course, they had to get straight to work building a snowman.

E's attempts at a snow angel.

Turns out, wearing 4 pairs pants makes getting up off the ground kind of difficult.

He was a fan of the snowman.

Unfortunately, shortly after that picture was taken his head fell off so we had to go out front to make him a new one. 

Finding eyes for a snowman is hard work. Eating the snow is much easier.

A little girl from across the street tried to get E to play with her for a bit but he just stood there, unmoving, as she grabbed his hand and tried to pull him over to play in the snow. Eventually he was able to break free from the terror trance he was in and run to hide under my legs. It looks like E has gained a bit of shyness after being shut up in our house all winter. I hope we can cure him of it when it gets warmer outside!

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