Monday, February 10, 2014

The way we play

It's hard to explain exactly how this game came to be but the gist of it is that Ben and I were holding a blanket up between the couch and the blow-up mattress. E would jump off the blow-up mattress onto the blanket that would then collapse into a small pit.

He continued to do this all. evening. long.

Our blanket may have aged several years in one night but I think it was worth it because he definitely had a blast. Now I just need to be able to figure out more ways like this one to keep him entertained until we can start going to parks again!

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christy said...

Winter is hard on kids. They need to play. Some of the best things we did to survive it was to set up a playroom like a playground. We had a ball pit, play tents and tunnels, and a little tykes climber and slide all in the basement (outside when it warmed up) and they were able to play hard like they would have outside. My friend even put a swing in hers. They have them at IKEA that anchor to the ceiling. We have a swinging chair from there. Bean bag chairs are also great for lounging and playing rough. :)