Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This kid loves his tractors!

(As well as cars, trucks, airplanes and buses)

The only grocery store around here that stocks a decent supply of high-fat yogurt also happens to have a tractor sitting out front.

Usually we just stand in front of it because it's covered with rainwater but on this day it just so happened to be dry.

Best. Day. Ever. Sometimes it's so easy to make him happy. 


christy said...

Any Farm shows or fairs nearby? He might be in Heaven at one of those. ;) My kids also like car shows or just the showroom at the dealer. Wish he could come over here and play. We would have a blast entertaining him. :)

Michelle Pearson said...

Oh wow such a big tractor he has :)
My kid also plays with John Deere Toy Tractors.

Shellie Marks said...

You hava cute kid and the tractor he will surely drive in the future :)
I also brought Tractor Toys Collection for my kid. He liked it alot...