Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New blog look

You may have noticed the new look to the blog. Now that the Seattle winter is looming near I figured it was time for something cheery and bright.
I contemplated mentioning this next thing because I'm afraid it'll make everyone go and scrutinize it now that they know but ... it was a big enough deal to me that I have to give myself a little pat on the back. So ... I designed my own blog background!

It's definitely not perfect but it's a start. It's technically the second background I've made since the first one I did looked okay until it got loaded on the blog and then it looked ... funny. I don't think the designs were a high enough resolution--the current one still looks a little fuzzy but I'm figuring it all out. I'm hoping to play around some more and make another one in the near future that's (hopefully) even better!

Blogger has definitely made customizing the blog more user friendly. I was playing with the html code forever when I realized I could just move a few slider bars and get all the columns where I wanted them! If only they'd make posting blogs that easy, then I'd be able to read Tim and Fran's blog again. Here's hoping!

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