Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Ben and I were just discussing how parents often mention their kid's weakness with a caveat that [insert way more important and awesome strength]. Well, our kid may be little but he's .... special.

He knows how to flex all his muscles at the same time. Also he knows how to crack everyone up.

Who needs to be the tallest. Or the strongest. Or even in the median growth range when you have a video like that.


Mrs. Mike said...

What in the world?! He is cracking me up, indeed! I can't wait to show Luke this video.

Fran said...

Oh goody, I was hoping you would post this! What's more fun than clowning around with E?!
I hear Johnny barking in the background. Fun days!

Brooke-Jean Newman said...

And now I have a video of him watching this video which is almost as entertaining!

christy said...

Love how you can just see his mind developing through his funny antics. You know it's his comedic interpretation of what you do. Hee hee
I have a video of Lidia doing similar things at that age. It's hilarious.

Fran said...