Monday, September 9, 2013

"What's this?"

I took this video awhile ago but then someone decided to throw a water bottle at my laptop screen so blogging anything had to wait. Now, lots of money later, my laptop is fixed and E's first full sentence can make its debut on the internet.

The funny thing is, he still doesn't say much. "Hot", "What's this" and "Truck" are the only things I recognize him saying consistently.

But "What's this?" is by far his favorite. I'm pretty sure I hear those words at least four dozen times a day.


Mrs. Mike said...

Oh so cute!

Jess and Richard said...

So funny, those are the same words Soren says all the time! HAHA!

christy said...

Cute! Love the age he's at and all the cute developments.
So has Ben's pharmacy been stocked yet? working there yet instead of in the city? We want to hear about his cool real job. ;) Maybe I am particularly interested because I worked in a pharmacy for several years and I'm wondering if he's anything like the pharmacists I worked with. hee hee

Brooke-Jean Newman said...

Christy, he's still commuting! I guess they are waiting on contracts with the insurance companies. Once those are done they'll order the meds and get the place stocked up! We're REALLY looking forward to the commuting days to be behind us. I'll make sure he posts a blog once it's all ready to go.