Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just another day in paradise

Last night I put E in his bed and then I just sat on the edge of our bed and stared at him. And he stared back. And then I stared some more and he matched my stares. Finally I had to pull myself away so he would actually close his eyes and go to sleep but it was really hard.

I foolishly thought that maybe I'd get less enraptured by his little face as he got older and the novelty of having a new baby wore off but I think it's actually the exact opposite. The bigger he gets the more I find myself just staring at him and enjoying his company. Every time he smiles I laugh and every time he has a blank stare on his face I want to squeeze him and when he cries I want to kiss him and hold him. Sometimes I even sneak in during his naps and lay on our bed and just watch him and secretly hope he'll wake up so we can play. (I learned awhile ago that actually waking him up when he isn't ready just leads to very angry cries of protest).

I know a lot of moms that have to go back to work when their baby is about three or four months old and I feel so sad for them. The  torture sleeplessness of the first couple months is finally being made worth it and I can't imagine missing a single second. ... Okay, I guess I could probably miss a second or two.

Anyway, I just heard a little moan from the baby monitor so I think my cuddling time is near!


Jess and Richard said...

It really is amazing. Sometimes I feel like I could just stare at my sweet sleeping baby all day. And I totally agree that I enjoy watching him sleep even more as he gets older...I think it is because he is so busy that he doesn't cuddle as much anymore so I have to sneak the cuddles while he is sleeping. :)

Caitlyn said...

You just feel more for them as they get older, especially when they start to really develop into individuals even more between 1 and 2!

Fran said...

I've probably told you this story but when Ben was about a senior in high school he was standing in the living room in front of the mirror adjusting his tie and I was sitting in the chair staring at his "handsomeness" with that "I can't believe he is really mine" feeling in my heart and he caught me staring at him and with his teenage angst said, "What are you looking at?!"
It startled me out of paradise and I think I lied and said, "Nothing!"
Anyway, that's the long version of saying that feeling never goes away.

Amanda Kristeen said...

amen! I love it!!