Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cute things make me happy

That's probably why E makes me so happy. It's also why this picture my friend Emily created makes me smile every time I see it.

It brings back all the memories of my childhood and the imaginative games me and my sister came up with to pass hours and hours out in the field by our house building tree forts or running from elephant stampedes or crossing dangerous moats.

With all the technology we're surrounded by I'm afraid it will impede E's imagination as he grows up. This picture is a wonderful reminder to put down the cell phone/laptop and pull out the imaginary telescope and search for pirates out in the distance.

It's now hanging above his crib (which we have yet to use but hopefully we'll make that transition soon!) and I think it was the perfect touch to his half of the room. (The other half being taken over by boring apartment managing stuff).

(One of Ben's research worms from the University of Utah hangs on the other wall)

Also, just because I'm talking about Emily's stuff, this is the cute little business card that comes with her pictures. Isn't it adorable! She's a very talented person. 


kelsey said...

I like the picture! And E's corner of the room. Very sweet.

Emily Burnette said...

it looks great in the frame!! and his space is perfect :) Ahhh, he's such a cute little guy...can't wait to see him grow more and more and watch is personality develop! thanks for the shout-out, brooke...you're so kind!