Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sunny Seattle

We had an unexpected (if you don't watch the news, which I don't) four days of sunshine. I decided E needed to be introduced to the sun. It turns out that E doesn't like the sun and kept his eyes closed the entire time we were outside.

It also turns out that I was not as ready to go walking as I thought I was so we ended up coming home after only a few minutes but it was definitely fun to get a slight change in scenery from our dull, and sometimes a little too dark, downstairs apartment.

For a brief second or two he did peek his eyes open just to check and see if the sun was still bright ...

and it was so he closed them and we continued on our way. 

 So ... E's first walk was actually quite uneventful and he was pretty hidden behind the baby carrier but ... there are pictures!

1 comment:

kelsey said...

I guess Ethan doesn't have enough life experience to know that nothing beats a sunny Seattle day. I love how high up the Bjorn is on Ben.