Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Food: More specifically, Hamburgers

On Saturday I ate this:

Here's Ben eating his:

As you can see he's really enjoying that Hamburger.

This place, Uneeda Burger, was suggested by a few different people and we knew we needed to try it out since Ben is a big hamburger fan (as in he orders hamburgers at almost all the restaurants we go to even if it is a Seafood/Italian/Greek/Mexican restaurant).

The hamburgers we got here were pretty good but I don't think they beat out my favorite Seattle hamburger place. However, on the plus side, the dining area was a lot more atmospheric than "our" hamburger joint, mostly because that place is about the size of our closet. Either way it was fun to be in Fremont for a little while to see the weird things people in Fremont do -- I've decided that taking this short trip to Fremont (a neighborhood in Seattle) is practically like going to the moon as far as experiencing oddities and the unnatural.

Anyway, if you're ever in Seattle and want a good hamburger I'd suggest Rain City Burgers. If you like hamburgers a bit on the spicy side, definitely go for the Sounders Burger. That's what I get every time and I've never been disappointed. Ben doesn't remember what he's gotten but he's thoroughly enjoyed each them all.

If you're vegetarian ... I can't really suggest anything for you since that's so far beyond my comprehension.

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kelsey said...

Wow. This made me hungry! And I was about to make ramen for my bedtime snack, which now seems highly disappointing.