Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In a Dark, Dark Room and the book of Other Scary stories like ... The Green Ribbon

I thought this post was appropriate for two reasons. First, it's almost Halloween and it is a book of "scary" stories. Second, I grew up on this book. I don't remember why or how we got it but I have almost all the stories in it memorized. It is a book written so that kids can read the stories so they're all short, easy and sweet.

My family still tells one of the stories from this book around campfires. Both because it is super cheesy and because it's easy to remember.

Let me share this story with you:

The Green Ribbon! 

 Once there was a girl named Jenny. 
She was like all the other girls, 
except for one thing.
She always wore a green ribbon around her neck.

There was a boy named Alfred
in her class.
Alfred liked Jenny, 
and Jenny like Alfred.

One day he asked her,
"Why do you wear that ribbon 
all the time?"
"I cannot tell you," said Jenny.
But Alfred kept asking,
"Why do you wear it?"
And Jenny would say,
"It is not important."

Jenny and Alfred grew up 
and fell in love. 
One day they got married,

 After their wedding, 
Alfred said, 
"Now that we are married,
you must tell me about the green ribbon."
"You still must wait,"
said Jenny.
"I will tell you 
when the right time comes."

Years passed. 
Alfred and Jenny grew old.
One day Jenny became very sick.

The doctor told her 
she was dying.
Jenny called Alfred to her side.

"Alfred," she said, 
"now i can tell you about the green ribbon.
Untie it, 
and you will see
why I could not tell you before."
Slowly and carefully, 
Alfred untied the ribbon,

And Jenny's head fell off!

... ahaha. I laugh every time I read this story. And sometimes if you ever see someone in my family tie a green ribbon around their neck and walk around the house, this is why.

It's funny how childhood memories can make a pretty lame book of scary stories into something you have to buy when you see it at the bookstore.


Al and Ash said...

We LOVE the green ribbon. There was a little girl Allen and I use to babysit for in Provo that was obsessed with this story. Neither of us had ever heard it before that. Every time she read the last sentence she would bust out her best giggle/cackle. Hilarious. Thank you for reminding me of the green ribbon. I look forward to you wearing one the next time I see you :)

Brooke Jean said...

Ben doesn't understand the appeal of the green ribbon! In fact, when he saw we had "1 comment" on this plot post he said, "Someone actually made a comment about that?"

Amanda Kristeen said...

I read that book when I was in elementary school and the only story I remembered (it's a sticker) is the green ribbon! It made me happy to see this post! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes yes!!! I have been wracking my brain thinking of a Halloween costume this year that wasn't pure smut, and I said "I'll be the Girl with the Green Ribbon"... silence. To my horror, NO ONE knew what I was referring to. I started to think I was going mad until I found this post!! Thank you for unveiling the mystery!!!

Caitlyn said...

I remember this story, only I swear it was a yellow ribbon! I'll have to see if I can find a book like this to read to Chaela next Halloween or the year after!

jb said...

Oh my gosh! I was in 4th grade when I first heard/read that story and I loved it!!! Too funny. Glad you posted it :)

rachel said...

I was talking to my friends one day about books we read as a child and I mentioned this story and none of them had heard of it! So I told them the story and as I told them the end they looked at me in absolute horror that this was a childrens book! I was busting up laughing and some of them were laughing in shock. I have no idea why I had this book and my parents said they never would have got it for me but I loved it.