Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All MLKD Out!

It's a good thing I have Ben. He convinces me to get out of bed early on a holiday to go serve my community.

We woke up bright and early and picked up some friends and headed down to Northwest Harvest in Kent to sort food donations and create variety boxes for 3 hours. It's amazing how physically straining that sort of work is. I can't imagine being someone who does that all day every day. My back is killing me from all the bending and lifting I did.

Maybe I shouldn't be admitting this to the world wide web but --- sometimes I have a hard time serving. I grumble and complain about getting up early and I drag my feet out the door. But, and it's never failed, every time I'm there I have a blast and I feel so great after the fact. I'm happy and energized (even if it's only temporary) by the fact that I was able to contribute to the greater good of the world.

Anyway, after this laboring service we stopped by Subway then headed home. A couple hours later we met up with a few couples from the ward and ate at Matador for Happy Hour. I should have taken a picture of how big the nachos were and they were only $4! I'm sold! We were also able to get better aquainted with one of the couples and I found out that one of them was from the Ogden Area, "West Haven" .. which actually meant she was from Taylor! AND she went to Roy High. I couldn't believe what a small world we have! Taylor is such a small little unincorporated city out in the middle of nowhere that you just never expect to run into someone from there. Maybe from the cities around it but never actually from there. Anyway, it was fun seeing how close we were to knowing each other without ever actually meeting.

After our dinner we headed back to our place for an Open House (boo we have a vacancy here at the beginning of next month) but Adam and Hilary brought us some ice cream and raspberries and we made milk shakes and played games until we were all too exhausted to think properly (I think that was at about 8:30 ... we're getting so old!).

All in all it was a great MLKD and I even learned a new acronym so ... HAGS!


Fran said...

Good for you guys to serve on MLKD.
Didn't you do that last year too?

Amanda Kristeen said...

Good for you! That sounds exhausting, but really fun! Hahaha about 8:30 ;)

Janell said...

Great service! It really is a small world, isn't it. Nice to find a connection to home.