Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sounds of Sunday

Here are a few sounds that are becoming trademark sounds of my Sunday:

1. Alarm Clocks going off at 6am
2. Happy/Chipper morning Ben trying to wake me up enough that I can drive
3. Alarm clocks going off at 7:56am
4. Alarm clocks going off at 8:06am
5. Sunday Hymns/Primary Songs
6. Kids (screaming, screeching, giggling)
7. The kitchen timer telling me that lunch/dinner is ready
8. Ben "breathing loudly" during his midday nap (I think this one is my favorite)
9. The chime of my gmail telling me someone wants to chat (usually my mom)
10. My space heater's constant whirring - which sometimes results in me joining Ben in a midday nap but then I end up staying up til all hours of the night so I try to avoid that if at all possible.
And ... Just for today, I have another sound: Superman 2 is playing on the TV while I organize files and type up this blog. It's either been a really long time or I've never seen Superman 2. I always thought that Louis Lane never knew who Superman was. Turns out I was wrong.

Hope everyone is having/has had a great weekend!

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