Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions, Part 2

Ben is brilliant. I'm sure you all already know that but I thought I'd say it again just in case.

Last year I had one New Years Resolution - go a month without sugar.

Guess what, I kept my resolution!

Well, this year my list is a little longer and I'm attempting some things that are going to require a lot of dedication so Ben has come up with an excellent idea.

We're going to make a "Resolution Jar". For each day and each resolution we keep we get to put a dollar in the Jar towards a vacation. I love vacations so this idea is perfect.

Just to give you an example, I'm doing a month of no sugar again. So, each day during the month that I go without sugar I get to put a dollar in. I also have a goal to read 52 books this year so each book I finish I get to add a dollar. I'll also be training for a triathlon so each time I train I get a dollar, etc. etc.

If I happen to read a book, train, eat no sugar, read my scriptures, AND buy shoes all in one day -- we just got 5 bucks towards our vacation! Okay ... I told Ben that buying shoes won't count since I don't really need a whole lot of motivation to keep that resolution, but I think this will help keep me motivated a bit longer than I usually am.

Here's to hoping this works.


Samantha said...

Whoa you're doing a triathlon? When? Where? That's awesome. How are you going to train?
Also I admire the no sugar thing, but I have no interest in doing it...yet. Ha!

Natalie said...

Hey, so on the no sugar thing, I have a few questions. How strict are you? Is it that you don't use any product (ketchup, mayo, etc...) that contains any sugar? Do you count honey or pure maple syrup as sugars? Does fruit count? I did something similar last year, but I was doing no white flour at the same time. Pretty hard. I used honey though, but I found I was obsessing with making things (treats) with honey. If you have any tips or recipes that you use, I'd love to hear about it!



Al and Ash said...

YES for training for a triathlon. What a great new years resolution!

allegra said...

mmmmm.. vacation! i need one of those so bad right now. preferably without the kids:) haha. what an excellent idea.

triathlon? go Brooke!!!