Monday, September 27, 2010

Girls Night: Dierks Bentley/Guys Night: Chili Cook-off and Wii

I've never been a huge fan of Girls Night. Either I was too interested in boys (pre-engagement/marriage) or I'd just rather spend time with my awesome husband. But a few weeks ago we had a few couples over for dinner and Kub (Ben, correct my spelling). We ate the dinner, we played Kub in the dark, we came back to our place for dessert.

While eating dessert we found out that all the girls enjoy country music and none of the husbands do. (What's up with that?! Country is awesome). So we decided to go down to the Puyallup fair and see one of the performances they had. As it turned out we ended up going to Dierks Bentley.

I haven't been to a concert in a -very- long time but this one was awesome. He's a really good performer. He knows his stuff. Most importantly, he knows how to keep the crowd entertained. I love it.

We even managed to get a little turned around on our way to look for some food and ended up about 10 feet from him on his Harley Davidson when his caravan drove past before the concert.

While we were away, the husbands went to our wards Chili Cook-off then headed back to someone's house to play Wii Tetris and Mario-Kart. Also, it turns out one of the guys won best Chili at the cook-off. Guess we know who's house we'll be eating at from now on.

I was going to add pictures but ... I'm sleepy and I have too many to choose from. Maybe later?


kelsey said...

Fun! I love the Puyallup Fair. It's a good one. And I bet DB is great in concert. I could have joined the "wife who likes country but husband doesn't" club.

Hilary said...

Thanks for going, it was a ton of fun! Glad we had the cheap seats to stay dry. :) Dierks did a fabulous job, great singer and almost as good looking as my hubby. Adam will have to cook all of us the BEST chili.