Wednesday, September 29, 2010


You know that scene in Beauty and the Beast when Belle gets to see the library for the first time? I want to have a library that inspires that sort of awe each time I walk into it. I've been daydreaming today about having a house with a library like that one. (Okay, maybe not quite that big). Here's the closest picture I could find to what my daydreams created:

There are so many books in the world. Reading through a list of suggested books at the library, or online, always leaves me feeling overwhelmed. Someday I'd like to look through a list of books and be able to say I've read over 75% of them. Until then, I'll dream about cozy fireplaces with walls and walls of books accompanied by sliding ladders as accessories.


Jess and Richard said...

I am glad I am not the only one that dreams about having a library big enough to have a sliding ladder!

Janell said...

That is a great library. I once bought a book giving the author's opinion on the books every well-read person should read. I pick it up once in awhile and read a book from his list.