Sunday, August 15, 2010

We left the country! But we had to make it past the border first.

In an attempt to keep from posting a hundred pictures in one post I've broken up our trip to Vancouver into a few parts.

I now give you Part 1:

On the way up to Vancouver we stopped in .... a place that starts with a "B" ... and we found this monument made for those fishers lost at sea.

The inscription was really rather depressing.

Then we wandered the docks with the fishing boats and we all got nice and wet and I managed to snap a shot of my traveling companions. I'm pretty sure we were all thinking about how much we wished we worked on fishing boats. In fact, there was even an old boat that was for sale. Too bad I "forgot" to write down the phone number.

And then, a good 30 minutes after we left this fishing town, we found the US/Canada border.

And as we waited in line to cross, we ate two of the most splendid things ever invented: Peanut Butter M&M's and Jerky.

Finally, I'd just like to say that we never once got lost between Seattle and Canada and we owe our easy navigating to Pressly (Yes, I've named our GPS).

Stay tuned for our adventures on the other side. (Insert Twilight Zone music)


Fran said...

I'm so glad you posted those photos of the memorial to the working man, (snd one woman's name was on the list.) It is one of my favorite statues ever! The inscriptions are so poignant.

Janell said...

It looks like a great trip! I can't wait to see part 2.