Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We left the country! But things still looked the same.

And so I give you Part 2:

Once we crossed the Canadian border things still looked pretty much the same. The only difference were the speed limit signs - which I never took a picture of! Oops. And yes, they do in fact make it slightly harder to drive, according to Ben. It was something he was grateful to get back to the US for. MPH is so much simpler!

Anyway - once we'd made it to Vancouver we stopped so Ben and Tim could help someone move their car to the side of the road. While we waited, I watched several people going into this church for a wedding:

I managed to snap a few of the Vancouver buildings in that picture as well.

And then, while waiting a little longer, I decided I needed a picture of myself to see if I looked any different now that I've managed to make it into Canada. What do you think?

I think I look about the same. Oh well.

Once we'd scouted out our final destination, the Queen Elizabeth Theater, we decided to become tourists and headed over to Stanley Park.

It was about one o'clock by now so we decided to find somewhere to eat. Not only did we find somewhere to eat but we found somewhere to eat with a very leaky roof . Half of the tables were soaked from the rain but we managed to find one with just one wet spot. The picture below - if you look real carefully - sort of shows the water dripping from the ceiling.

And then we got our menus and things were good. Warm sea food here we come.

And most importantly, my hot chocolate. I have to order this wherever I go. Whether it be Hawaii, Bahamas, or Canada - hot chocolate will be on the menu.

Then we snapped this shot before heading off to see the rest of the park. (I love self-timer)

This was at Prospect Point. And in the background is a bridge which I cannot remember the name of but I find absolutely beautiful even though you can barely see it with all the fog.

Yes, I love bridges.

I also love random signs: (We need one of these to put outside our apartment door. We get to see a raccoon run past our patio at least once a week)

Alright. I was going to make this post longer but I want to go to bed because it's later than I thought it was. So ... Part 3 will hopefully be posted tomorrow.

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Fran said...

It was fun to enter the city of Vancouver with wedding bells ringing!