Saturday, March 20, 2010

What makes a good book -

Someone had mentioned a book that I thought Ben might like so we picked it up from the library today and when we got home we had this conversation:

Ben (as he is about to open the book): "If this book has a map at the beginning then I'll know it's good"

(Ben opens book to first page)

"A map! Maybe Brian was right about this book after all"

Me (only kind of paying attention): "Maybe he was"

Ben (VERY Excited, like a little boy on Christmas): "There's another map of just the city! This book is going to be great!"

Ok, the last part might not have been quoted word for word because like I said before I was only half paying attention to what Ben was saying but ... Now anyone wanting to write a book knows the key to success. Awesome Maps of the world in which their story takes place.


kelsey said...

I like hearing conversations with Ben. It's as entertaining as conversations with Will.

Fran said...

I just finished reading Treasure Island. That's a good book with a map.