Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness Ramblings

Had I known the NCAA West Tournament was going to be played in Salt Lake City this March, I never would have let Ben convince me to move to Seattle. Man! Just my luck.

If (and that is a VERY big if) BYU manages to make it past round one (which they have failed to do every other time they've made it to the tournament) then I'm quitting my job a week early and buying tickets to the Sweet Sixteen just in case.

I miss BYU basketball ... I think it was an outlet for homework related stress. Plus, it always made for a good night out since I never went to a BYU Basketball game that we lost AND when you are a girl at a sporting event you are vastly outnumbered by the opposite sex. (Double Win)

I miss the days when I could list off every player on the team and their stats ... Now, if I were to watch a BYU Basketball game, I could still yell at the players but I couldn't add my two sense about who I think should be starting, or playing in general.

Anyway, March Madness is coming to a TV near you ... and I'll probably be watching it while at work since I won't have anything better to do and even if I did ... I'd probably still watch it. (The internet just makes it too easy).


Fran said...

Brooke yelling?! Now that I would like to see.

Adam and Hilary said...

I mentioned the part about u knowing the stats to Adam and he said "HMM" Not quite sure what that means. I think that is awesome! I can't even name one player.

Brooke Jean said...

Hilary, by "stats" I meant stuff like their Free throw percentage, field goal percentage, 3-pt shot percentage, etc. plus the teams overall info like turnovers, blocks, and steals. It was kind of sad how into it I was. I could definitely name each person on the team ... but that was a long time ago and now, I almost don't remember what half the stuff even means.