Friday, March 5, 2010

Life doesn't like to listen to my plans

Not sure if it's just me or if it's every person on the planet but, I kind of feel like life thinks it's funny to throw a wrench in my plans. See below for examples:

I'm going to be a cheerleader *Wrench* (Well, I was a cheerleader but Wrench = I hated cheer-leading cause of all the other stupid mean people who were cheerleaders with me)
I am going to be an Olympic track star *Wrench* (Wrench=my knee hurts so bad after running that I can't even run around the block anymore without having to ice and heat it for hours on end)
I'm going to be HS Valedictorian *Wrench* (Wrench = 4th quarter, 9th grade Algebra 2 with Trig)
I'm going to be a family therapist *Wrench* (Wrench = Getting a horrible grade in Psych 110)
I'm going to go into Business Management and get an emphasis in Financial whatever *Wrench* (Wrench = financial classes are SOOO boring)
I'm going on a mission *Wrench* (Wrench = Ben)
I'm going to be a millionaire *Wrench* (Wrench = I can't think of anything that will make me a million dollars)
I'm going to go into marketing *Wrench* (Wrench = Turns out your job experience matters a lot more than your college degree in the grand scheme of things so I end up doing financial whatever)
I'm going to keep my job at the UofU while Ben goes to pharmacy school *Wrench* (Wrench = Not being even remotely content with that decision)
I'm going to look for a job because I've had experience sitting home doing nothing and it isn't fun *Wrench* (Wrench = I actually really like being home doing nothing. Especially when Ben is home doing nothing with me.)
I'm going to take this job and see how much I like it *Wrench* (Wrench = Well, you all know the story on this one because it's still ongoing)
I'm going to work at this job until Friday *Wrench* (Wrench = The hiring process is taking FOREVER so I still have this job come Monday, again)

Wonder what wrenches lie ahead.

Anyway, Some of these things were a little far fetched but I thought about them a lot before the wrench came around. I guess the point of this blog is, I like the wrenches life throws at me. It's kind of fun to look back and see where I thought my life was headed as opposed to where I am now. And I think it's even better than I could have expected (well, minus the Olympic Track Star part).


christy said...

maybe not so much a wrench as a little nudge from you know who. i like those nudges too. we really appreciate them in retrospect at least once we see why we needed the nudge.=)

kelsey said...

I like this post, and yes, life seems to be one "wrench" after another, doesn't it?

Benjipups said...

Moral of the story: Never plan.