Friday, September 4, 2009

Moving to Seattle - Day 3

Our Day 3 of moving to Seattle was probably the most fun.

First, we woke up bright and early and got ready for the day. We then decided that instead of driving the hour and a half to two hours in order to ge to Craters of the Moon, we'd just go to some lava caves near by.

Tim called around and found the directions to "T Cave".

When we got there I didn't believe there could actually be a cave where they were saying there was one. But I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and climbed through the opening.

Once we were in, the cave was still pretty tight and the ceiling was very low. I was worried that the guys would have a hard time getting around but I obviously wasn't too worried because I stopped to take some pictures of their struggles.

As we went farther in, the tunnel got bigger ...
and bigger still

The cave/tunnel was full of things that were just amazing.

There were lava shelves
And several little caverns within the cave

We even found some aluminum cans which Ben and Tim carried out in order to preserve the caves a little longer.

Ben emerging from the Cave:

He made it out successfully.

Then it was Tim's turn:
and he made it out safe and sound as well.

It was quite the experience, especially since I am one who envisions caves in the side of the mountain and not in the middle of a very flat desert area.

This was what it looked like in every direction from where the entrance was

I don't know how Tim and Ben felt about the whole thing but I thought it was a blast and I'd like to find some of the other caves (with a beginner difficulty) and give them a shot.

Very exciting.

After we finished up at the caves we came back and took a quick nap then set out on the road.
We decided to spend the night in Pendleton, Oregon which was about a 5 hour drive away.

We stopped at a couple of places just to take a break and arrived at our hotel just in time for dinner.

Monday was definitely a blast. Thanks Tim for calling around and giving us the opportunity to go explore a little. We should definitely do it again sometime.

Anyway, check back soon for our final day of moving to Seattle adventures.


kelsey said...

Will is now fascinated by caves after looking at your pictures. I'll have to take him there on our next visit.

Rachel said...