Friday, September 4, 2009

Moving to Seattle - Day 4

Day 4 was the final day for us to be driving and moving - we set out on the road around 10:30 am.
After a short while we crossed the Washington/Oregon border

Then a long while after that we entered the mountains - which were absolutely beautiful
At around 3:30 Pacific Time I saw the Seattle skyline ...

It was probably one of the happiest moments of my life. I was just so glad I would be done driving that the thought of having to unload and unpack all of our belongings didn't even cross my mind.

We got to our new apartment and started unloading then our apartment manager (who is also in our new ward) came and helped us move in. At around 7 o'clock 4 more people from our new ward showed up to help us unload. Once they got there we had everything unloaded and up to our 4th floor apartment in less than an hour.

Without the help of the Elders Quorum we could have been there all day and night and morning. After they left we unpacked a few boxes, got our bed set up and our moving adventure officially came to a close.

We made it here alive and our things made it here all in one piece. A few things are a little scratched but it could have been a lot worse.

I am still having a hard time coming to the realization that we aren't just on vacation and that we aren't going to be packing up our car and driving back to Utah in a few days. We are definitely here to stay, it just might take awhile to seem like home.


christy said...

so is there an elevator since you are on the 4th floor?
post pics once you are all unpacked!

kelsey said...

Wow. I got so homesick for Seattle just now. I hope you guys love it. It's such a fabulous city. And the mountains. Oh the mountains. The Northwest is so gorgeous. So much so it inspired the artist, right?