Friday, September 4, 2009

Moving to Seattle - Day 1 & 2

Since we took a couple of days to get to Seattle I decided to break up the blog into days.

First, this is a picture of about 1/8 of our stuff but we had it all in boxes by Friday
night/Saturday morning.
Now, I'll begin with a story that resulted in my first panic attack - We got to the U-Haul place around 10 and then stood in line for a half hour while they helped customers in front of us. When we were finally helped they took us out to our moving truck to inspect and make sure we noted any seen damage.

Well, as soon as I saw the moving truck I started freaking out inside because it was definitely smaller than the one we'd used to move from Provo to Salt Lake City. The only explanation I can think of is that when we moved from Provo they upgraded us to a bigger moving truck because they didn't have any they size we requested but they never told us about the upgrade in size.

Anyway, when we moved to Provo the truck was pretty packed - we didn't have it to the ceiling but it was a good height and it went from one end to the other. And the final thing to make me freak out was - we didn't have a desk, a kitchen table or a couch when we moved to Salt Lake City. So the whole time we are driving back to our apartment I am trying to remember to breathe because the truck just looks so much smaller then the one we had before and I didn't know what we were going to do if our stuff didn't fit. So, I get to the apartment and spill to my Dad who comforts me and tells me everything is going to be alright. Well, I was doubtful but I guess parents do know best. We fit everything in the truck with room to spare.

My Dad, Keri, and Maggie showed up to help load stuff into the U-Haul and my Mom came to help get the apartment clean. Just after we started Ben's co-worker, Josh, also showed up and made the moving go even faster.

Josh and my day working miracles
Even Brinley helped in the moving process

We had everything packed up in the truck in a little over a half an hour. It was amazing. I was and still am so grateful for everyone who helped us. My mom was a trooper and did her magic on our kitchen and bathroom so I didn't have to worry so much about moving and cleaning, instead I just had to make sure everything was where it belonged and that fragile things didn't get broken, etc.

After we finished packing the truck and getting the apartment cleaned, we said our goodbyes to the apartment that we've really loved. I'm going to miss the neighborhood, our church ward, the friends, the storage space in the basement, and the nice remodeled kitchen.

Goodbye Chuck and Tivoli Apartments. You've been good to us. I really hated to go!

After the sad goodbye we went back to the U-Haul place and took back our tow dolly (for our car) because we decided it was becoming more of a pain then it was worth. So a second major change in plans was that I was going to be driving the car the whole way to Seattle.

Well, that made me have another little freaking out moment but when we talked about the option of driving a few hours on Monday and Tuesday (originally we were just going to drive on Tuesday) it made me a lot less worried about how I'd handle driving the whole way and avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

Anyway, we spent the night at my mom's house then went to church with her in the morning.

On Sunday, we spent most the day just saying goodbye to family. At around 7:45 we were on the road. We arrived at Ben's parents' house at around 10:30 and were welcomed to complete darkness.

I guess some lightning had hit nearby causing the power to go out. The crews were working on the power lines when we got there. We got to light some candles and chat with Tim in the dark for a little bit until the lights came back on and we went to bed.

Monday was a very fun day but it will have to wait for another post because this one is already too long and I'm sick of typing.

Check back soon!

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Rachel said...

You remind me of myself with your freaking out episodes. I have those all the time - particularly when attempting something stressful like moving. I'll have to show this to Mike. He might like to know he's not the only one with a wife prone to freaking out.

Have fun exploring! I always like the exploring process after a move.