Sunday, August 16, 2009


Other than getting ready to move, not much is going on. I've just been reading a lot. By a lot I mean, A LOT. So much so that I've rubbed off on Ben and he actually got a book from the library the other day. I like it when he reads - it makes me not feel so guilty about my reading (I tend to get really caught up in my books and have a hard time putting them down until I am done with them). Unfortunately for me, I finished all the books I have on Friday so I've had nothing to read all weekend.

I know what I'll be doing as soon as I get home from work Monday.

Anyway, we're alive and I'm trying to come up with something interesting to blog about ... Maybe this week ...

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cindy Wilson said...

Brooke, I have another great book for you to read. "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova. I just started it and am having a hard time putting it down. Hope you enjoy it also.

Aunt Cindy