Friday, August 7, 2009

All things slow and slimy

I've learned something about myself ... I like, maybe even sort of love, these sort of creatures:

Anything slow and slimy I tend to be slightly fasinated by. It might be that when we were little my mom let us get a bunch of snails from a park and keep them as "pets" for awhile. Then when she was sick of us not cleaning out the aquarium she made us take them back to the park and leave them where they were originally found. We gave them all names and would let them slim all over us and we'd poke them in their antenna and watch them slink into their shells - very cool. I could honestly spend hours just sitting watching snails do their thing. They are very interesting.

Because of my small bond with snails I get a little sad whenever I see dead snails on the sidewalk on the way to the bus; therefore I spend a lot of time picking up snails and moving them out of harms way. Yeah I'm crazy.

Anyway, I have also realized that I really REALLY loathe things with lots of legs. Especially things with lots of legs that can move stealthily and fast. For example, I really hate these, in fact, I think it would be ok to say I loathe them:

(just looking for a good picture to put on here gave me the heebie jeebies ... but then I found a sort of funny one that reminded me of Ben and online computer games)

Also, I could do without ever seeing a centipede or cockroaches ever again. I'm very much a girl when it comes to those types of insects. Good thing I have Ben around to get rid of them at a moments notice. He's the best!

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kelsey said...

Oh, you'll love Seattle then. Snails and slugs abound. They always ate our plants, so I wasn't such a fan.