Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye Party for Me

I forgot to take any pictures and I'm totally bummed about that but my work threw me a going away potluck today and it was awesome so I have to blog about it.

The food as always was delicious and then they surprised me with a game of Brooke Jeopardy. The categories were "The Favorites", "Brooke and Ben", "CPPA", "1960's Movies" (for those who may not know as much about me as others), and "Brooke ourri" (like potpourri). They had a bunch of Answers about me and people had to figure out the questions in good ole Jeopardy format. It was very entertaining.

Some of the answers included: "What mode of transportation does Brooke take to work everyday?", "What is Brooke's favorite color to wear?", "What is Brooke's favorite color?", etc. They also gave me a going away gift to help settling into Seattle a little more fun - I got a gift certificate to Pike Place Market and a Seafood cookbook which I am so excited to start using! We had a blast and it is obvious I am leaving a group of very fun people. Luckily, I still have a week to get used to the idea of goodbye so ... hopefully I won't cry or anything.

Thanks everyone at work. You've made the last year loads of fun and I'm going to miss you all so keep in touch.

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Shelley said...

We're going to miss you too Brooke! Whoever gets to have you in Seattle is very lucky!