Friday, July 3, 2009

Star Wars Birthday Party

We were invited to a birthday party for Brooke's cousin who turned seven. Little did they know, I'd be as excited as any seven year old when I heard it was a Star Wars theme. I thought it would be funny to dress up and somehow convinced Brooke to do the same. I thought we would all have a laugh and then remove our costumes and sit and talk with the adults.

Well, despite feeling a bit silly at the door, our costumes were a hit and I had scarcely been in the house for 30 seconds when I was challenged to a light saber duel. Well, challenged is a strong word. ("Can you come have a light saber duel with us when you're done eating? We have lightsabers.")

I ventured into the yard after eating and was suddenly surrounded. It turns out they had seven lightsabers of much better quality than my Walmart knock-off I had picked up the evening before.

The boys grabbed Brooke's hand and pulled her away from me to safety. ("Save Princess Leia!" was the cry.) The girls loved her too and would just stare at her and smile. Once she was safe she apparently was shooting me in the back as I ran away from the fury of seven plastic lightsabers.

I was outmatched and inevitably the dark side of the force could not save me.

And there was much rejoicing as the galaxy was saved!


Rachel said...

You guys are awesome.

Fran said...

If you link to our blog, there Ben is again, with homemade costume and light saber playing the same game about 25 years ago. He even has on Star Wars pajamas.