Monday, June 29, 2009

More Fun For Everyone

A weekend full of fun. We were treated to a wonderful meal by wonderful people. I ran into an old friend and was able to see her 3 week old baby. We got to go to the Farmers Market and buy some delicious cherries and wonderful honey butter. Then we all headed out into nature and hiked up to Donut Falls and "we" (mostly Jay) finished it up with making a Brazilian dessert, pave.

Now for some pictures:

Once at the top of the hike we realized we should be taking pictures of our weekend.

Fran found the best resting place of all.

And then we decided to join her

Then we had a nice stroll back to the car

and found out that Tim is very short or Jay is freakishly tall ... or this picture was just taken at the exact moment that an already tall Jay was on a raised portion of the trail while Tim was in a dip.
Then we came back to the apartment and Jay and Fran and Ben made some Pave which only Ben and I have been able to enjoy. So I'm sharing a picture of it with all of you. Enjoy!

Thanks Tim and Fran for everything! Thanks Jay for the Pave! Come back soon and let's do it again!


Fran said...

I was wondering how the pave turned out.

Heatherboyce8 said...

I was so excited to see you. Next time lets make it on purpose!

kelsey said...

I want some of that pave!