Monday, June 22, 2009

We don't let the rain stop us from having fun ...

We didn't even let it deter us from our hiking plans, although the closed road kept us from hiking the trail we had planned so instead we went to another trail a bit lower down in the canyon.

It was beautiful. Rain and all.

We were all soaked from head to toe but we had some good laughs and came back, threw our clothes in the dryer and had our planned picnic on our front room floor.

And then it didn't stop us from going to the Chalk Art Festival at the Gateway. Although, as you can see, chalk art and rain don't mix well. Even if they do try to save it from the rain with tents and plastic tarps.

It was sad to see the hard work being washed away so quickly - sometimes even before the artist had finished their masterpiece, but it was worth getting completely drenched one last time to see some of the finished work.


kelsey said...

Good practice for Seattle!

Lauren Jayne said...

Why wasn't I informed about this chalk art festival? That sounds like SO much fun.

And for the record, I was in Seattle a little while ago and it didn't rain once in the five days I was there!