Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday, 4th of July and Camping Fun

I'm gonna make this a post of many pictures and few words because I have a little catching up to do.

First, to celebrate Ben's birthday my mom and Brinley came up and my mom made her famous scones - which just happens to be one of Ben's favorite foods. Thanks Mom!
We even made one special scone for Ben ... It ended up about the size of an elephant ear.

Then for the 4th of July Ben got up super early to set up tables and chairs for our ward/neighborhood breakfast then he came home, woke me up and we headed to the church to down as many pancakes, sausages, and fruit as possible. It was delicious.

We finished up the day by heading to the top of the Ave's and watching fireworks across the valley.

I tried to get a couple good pictures but ... it's pretty hard when you don't have a tripod.

Anyway, it was gorgeous but we had to leave early because we came unprepared and were freezing before all the fireworks had finished up.

Then this weekend we took off work early and headed up to the Uinta's - Moon Lake to be exact - to hang out with my family that was here from Alaska, celebrate my grandpa's birthday, and tell scary stories around the fire.

Let's start with my grandpa's birthday celebration.

We thought it would be funny to give him presents in two because "Now that you're so old you're probably seeing double". He's a good sport and he played a long.

We all got to sit around and celebrate and it was fun to spend a little while with family I rarely get to see.

After the birthday celebrating the kids ran around and got nice and dirty.

Then Captain Ben took us out on a boating journey.

Then Sacajawea pointed us the way back to land.

Once we got back to camp we made a trip to the out house and Brinley and I had a photo Op.

Then we settled in around the camp fire and told some ghost stories - starting with the story about the Girl and the Green Ribbon.

Then we all took turns telling stories. I think Ben was the best story teller of us all.

And I had to add this picture because Keri hates it and I'm an older sister who has to do stuff she knows her little sister will hate her for! Love ya Care Bear! :)

And finally - The most important part of the trip - THE RAFT!

First, Ben tried to stay on just the log ... then he realized it would continue to tip until he found a way to balance it out a bit ... That's when he dragged this log over. He sure works hard at playing.

I have a bunch more pictures of the raft but I'm not allowed to post them because Ben decided to take his shirt off and he won't let me put pictures of his shirtlessness on the internet -- Boo!

After the raft incident that's all Ben could talk about the rest of the drive home. Raft, raft, raft. Anyway, we had a great weekend and I was sad to see it end. But I'm looking forward to next weekend - Seattle here we come.


Samantha said...

Looks super fun!!!

Samantha said...

Wait, but isn't that Ben shirtless?!?!!

Brooke Jean said...

Yeah, he is. BUT the log covers his stomach so he said that one was ok.