Friday, March 6, 2009

The Wednesday Letters

I just finished reading this book and I loved it. While it wasn't my favorite book, it was/is my favorite idea.

I think I bought this book from Deseret Books for $1.99 or was it $2.99? Either way, it was cheap. The book has its drama and intrigue but mostly it has its idea.

I won't tell you much about the story but the idea is that the husband promised his wife on their wedding night in a letter he wrote, that he would write her a letter every week on Wednesday.

They had their struggles and there were a few times he wrote his letter thinking it may be his last but it never was and years later the letters ended up being found by their children after both parents had died.

Anyway, Great story. Great idea. And to top it all off, the book has an envelope attached to the back cover with a letter inside. This letter makes up the epilogue. Such a good idea.

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Jason Wright said...

So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for my making my Friday afternoon a little sweeter :)